Of Real and Unreal

Your life is velvet dream lost in the tangle of semi-consciousness. It is a journey to discover the essence of your existence. Everyday you have lost the way, for in the abyss of your shallow consciousness you fancy vivid and pulpy colors while in your waking hours you are feeling grim. Let drop the hypocrisy.Feel the real. C'mon you cannot make love lying alone on your couch wondering about the confusion. The verisimilitude does not lie only in the realization of a successful career; that is a mere snippet.The fragarance is fabricated on freedom ot fly up or the fortification of far-out. Life ain't a decree.

Dreams are for genuine and volition.The sky could be ever cystal clear, unaffected by the cloudiness of your life; the color of love ravishing, not afflicted in vanity and prejudice; and the emotions so naked in substance, undressed by the liberty of your feelings. However the diurnal is shackled by bigotry, monkey-business, conventinality, orthodoxy, pattern, and so forth.

We evanesce in a lifetime yet we could dwell on reverie for a lifetime. So what if it is tranced in a short interval. A world with no religion, but guided by a principle of humanism, and no national boundary between us, only the singularity in living life as cosmopolitan. Wake up into the Real, in the name of all the stars that guide us in the darkness. Listen to the music of the nature, we are One.Can you hear the clamoring call disturbing your dreams? Hey, don't try to! When evrything is gone, only the real remains.



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