Many of you know that there is a very good opportunity to earn from internet. But practically it is not so easy to earn for any one. (Definitely you will surprise and happy to see those BIG amount people are earning). 

Today number of internet consultants are available in market (see the list below), who offers lots of promises and do their business just by selling you their 10bucks CD (Compact Disk) for Rs.1000/- to 3000/-. After purchasing the kit, you can't start the Internet business easily because there are lot of things which you don't know like :

1.What is web server ?
2.How to make web site ?
3.Where to host web ?
4.What is SEO?
5.How to optimize your website?
6.How to purchase web space ? (This is extra charges you have to pay)
7.How to register to different sites?
8.How to get affiliation?
9.How to get advertisement codes?
10.How to add codes into your web pages?

Here are the names of websites which are acting as internet business guide or say consultants (Few among them might be sincere in providing there services, no
doubt!!). You can get the list of Internet jobs providers 'Internet jobs' 'Part Time Jobs', 'Work From Home' or 'Business Proposals' columns in all newspapers in India or free classifieds of many websites. You can visit the following websites which are providing internet based online money making business/schemes to you !!!

{*Remember, the following sites (or their owner) does not offer any software – for an instance, it just has instructions as to how to make money thru Internet. It teaches you how to do it without a site and teaches you various ways available to earn thru Internet. They however do not guarantee that you will earn for sure but say that they have customers who are happily using their instructions to make money on a regular basis and they are legitimate in terms of giving you what they are promising. They are giving you a cd that has all the instructions for earning money thru Internet. That's it!!

[NOTE : These are the just some of the sites which I found while searching for 'internet jobs'. It is not mean that they are giving you nothing. You may purchase the kit from them at your own risk!!!!]


  1. Hello Guys,

    Don't ever subscribe to as they will be telling that they will give money back, I subscribed and nearly its 1 month they have not given the money back so beware of



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