December 18, 2008


I'm down with fever since last week and I feel so weak. This bullshit apart, I was planning to resume writing my Journey to the Unknown World and keep the record electronically. It would help me to take my time off from the usual work here in the office. It is much better than to find the time after going back home at midnight. More so as we have even got a TV at home now. I'm glad I could buy a TV from my salary. You might be wondering, but TV is a luxury for a moron like me. Anyways, I have also got a DVD player. :D

People say health is wealth. But I have never really paid heed to it. Life was all about entertainment and the excessive enjoyment has deprived me of reason. It's never too late to start something anew.

There are so many things going on in my mind now. It'd be better if I come back again some other time. Till then…..

Kind regards,

Kapil Arambam
Born to be Wild

Contact: +91 - 9818 - 605161

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