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Prejudice, Ignorance and Intolerance

Perceptions on discrimination of North-East women in the National Capital City


For a long time, people from the North-East India staying in the national capital region (NCR) have been facing numerous cases of discrimination, harassment and humiliation. Intense socio-cultural conflict and the resultant stress that impact all aspects of their lives have taken a heavy toll on them. Study shows that 50% of the cases of sexual harassment are targeted at women from the North-East. There are approximately 90,000 people from the region staying in and around Delhi. On the other hand, the bewildering affair has raised objections on the lifestyle of the North-East women in general.

In January last, two women from Manipur were molested and beaten up by 25 thugs. They were only the latest victims from the region. Y. Monika, a cyber café owner in North Delhi's Gandhi Vihar had slapped a man for misbehaving with her sister, Anjali. The main accused returned with his friends, dragged out th…


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