Siroy Lily... where art thou???

Siroy siege brings up debate on ceasefire by civil bodies

IMPHAL, Feb 3: The words of Adani Davin Mao, president of the ANSAM, that "If there is no cease fire in Manipur then it is same as Nagas are not there in Manipur" spoken during a protest in Senapati yesterday has been criticised.

Indrakumar, president of the ACOAM LUP has said that on behalf of the people, ACOAM LUP he wanted to know the motive behind the words of Adani David Mao. He was speaking at a press meet held today at the lup's office at Sagolband Meino Leirak.

He further said that the recent incident at Siroy village and the circumstances surrounding it were suspicious as the government had no knowledge of the NSCN(IM) camp at Siroy and other designated camps of the NSCN(IM) in the districts of Chandel, Ukhrul, Senapati.

He also said that the valley and hill people wanted to live in peace and harmony and feared many unwanted issues if the thoughts of living separate were not solved soon.

Chandrakumar Khumancha, general secretary of the lup also criticized the state government regarding the incident at Siroy village and its silence. He asked the government to take steps to stop past incidents on the issue of territorial boundaries from repeating in the state.

If any issue came up to save Manipur like June 18 the state government must accept it, he added while also stating that if any untoward incident happens then those NGOs supporting NSCN(IM) should be held responsible for it as the ceasefire was only in Nagaland not in Manipur.

He asked the government to work knowing the sentiments of the public. The shifting of NSCN(IM) cadres published in today's newspapers did not mention where they had gone, he said while appealing that all of them should be shifted outside Manipur. If such issues came up NGOs and civil organisations would discuss what they can do in this regard, he said.

Indrajeet, finance secretary of the lup urged the state and the Central governments for a solution urgently and said Manipuri Nagas are not included in the ceasefire.

'Siege caused irreparable damage to Siroy village'

IMPHAL, Feb 3: The Shirui Non-Violence Committee has said that although the Assam Rifles and the NSCN had left Shirui, the siege that lasted for 14 days had left irreparable damages for the social, economic, and cultural well being of the village and the villagers. The psychological and mental trauma that the villagers have endured over the past two weeks will have long-term effects which no monetary or other compensation can make up for, it stated.

To put forward their concerns regarding the effects of the siege on their village, Shirui (Siroy) villagers staged a dharna in their village today. During the dharna, Sudhan R, the SDO Ukhrul, met the villagers to record their concerns, the committee said adding that a number of villagers listed their grievances including the future economic condition of the village, the situation of students who are going to start their academic year, the use of water, firewood and other resources by the Assam Rifles during their siege of the village, the massive cutting of trees conducted by the Assam Rifles around the NSCN camp site etc.

The SDO also visited the campsite to physically assess the damage caused to the village by the Assam Rifles during their siege, it said while recalling that during the siege, the Assam Rifles had availed of a number of resources including the private space of villagers.

It is also necessary to mention that because of the siege, villagers have not been able to take up any economic activities such as paddy farming for the last two weeks. Considering that the majority of the villagers depend entirely on paddy farming for their survival and livelihood, it is certain that the village will suffer a number of hardships in the future as a result of this, it said.

The Shirui Non-Violence Committee sincerely hoped that the SDO and all the appropriate authorities would quickly act on the concerns of the villagers.

The committee also thanked all those individuals and organizations, especially the women volunteers who shared the burden of keeping the vigil to prevent an armed confrontation between the Assam Rifles and the NSCN, who have given their energy in bringing peace to the village and all those who monetarily and materially helped over the past two weeks.

The body also reminded everyone that although the Assam Rifles and the NSCN had left the village, the village was going to face a number of challenges in the future and hoped for continued support and encouragement from everyone.



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