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The frightened fool and the funny figure

The Chief Minister of Manipur seems to be worried about something more than begging these days. In a newspaper report, he laments the presence of numerous Revolutionary businessmen. Meanwhile, it is so hilarious – just read the headlines – who on this earth, or hell for that matter, would not laugh his ass out. There are thirty organisations and ten factions of a party (who have been shamelessly bringing Marx & co into disrepute).  The report is as follows –

30 UG groups, 10 KCP factions : CM
Imphal, July 20 2009: There are more than 30 militants groups in Manipur including 10 KCP factions, Chief Minister O Ibobi Singh informed the Assembly today in response to a question raised by MLA Morung Makunga during the question hour.
The Chief Minister said that United National Liberation Front (UNLF), People's Liberation Army (PLA), Kanglei Yawol Kanna Lup (KYKL), People's Revolutionary Party of Kangleipak (PREPAK), United People's Party of Kangleipak (UPPK), Kangleipak Communis…

Virtual way of going high

iMary Jane???

Apple's App Store is never short of controversy, from shaking babies, to explicit racy content. The latest disputable app to be approved by Apple and hit the store is 'Cannabis,' an application that assists users in finding the nearest available marijuana supply.The application is available for $2.99, and is developed by the "Cannabis lifestyle" folks over at Ajnag, yet they insist that the app should be used for medicinal purposes only. It will not share the location of illegal dealers, and Ajnag claims not to promote the illegal use of the drug.'Cannabis' currently works via location based services, pulling in a users current location and using that knowledge to display relevant information, such as where the closest legal source of Cannabis can be found. For example it will show users of the application legal dispensaries in over a dozen U.S. States, and for those states lacking medical marijuana laws, the app will point you in the directi…


Five Examples of Blogging With Purpose

Here are five contexts in which you can perform purposeful blogging:

News Items: 
Whenever news breaks that supports the need or usefulness of your product or service, enthusiastically blogging about it creates a connotation that "sells" what you offer without you "selling." Just make sure to close with a call to action.
Idea Association:
Let's say there are bloggers with bigger audiences in your niche. These people may be viewed as thought leaders, so a post that shows how your own thinking intersects with that of these industry leaders creates a positive association and possibly a relationship with that bigger blogger. Rally the Troops: 
On the other hand, blogging about ideas or situations that you and your audience oppose gives you the opportunity to bring your community closer together.
Value Demonstration:
At the root of all purposeful blogging is a demonstration of value. Each post you write should reinforce why readers pay …


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