The day broke last Saturday

                    as recalled from Feb 13 2010                           

Feb 19 2010: Last week, I had a long, long day on Saturday. I had a decisive appointment in the morning, forcing me to get out of the bed around 7:30AM. Usually, I woke up around 9:30AM - 10:00AM. But I had to freshen up earlier and prepared myself for the meeting in Okhla, which was scheduled at 10:00AM. Every thing went off smoothly and I was on time for the rendezvous that lasted for nearly three hours. The result: I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

I headed to New Friends Colony for a quick lunch, and the couple of wine shops seduced me as I set out for home. I took a Kingfisher can, that was gulped while riding on a rickshaw, and an Old Monk bottle. I also went to a cyber café for netbanking. From the previous day, one of my cousins had been insisting me to lend him some bucks. However, it was already 1:30PM and the HDFC fund transfer facility was already closed for the day. He said he needed the money so bad, but I was helpless. I had done the transaction but it will be processed next Monday.

The hurrying-scurrying had drained the energy; I didn't even know when I dozed off. I woke up around dusk and went to my ex-classmates' place, to pursue my house hunting [It'd been two weeks I was going for house hunting, but without any success. But I found a flat on Sunday]. The four of them stay together and they told me they could do the 'setting' for me even without a dealer. I scrutinised around a dozen flats, with some criteria (not necessarily in order): their pros and cons; space; bathroom and toilet; light and water; no irritating landlord, the tidbits, et cetera.

Finally, I chose one of them — a single-room, 4,000-a-month flat, with an attached bathroom and kitchen plus a substantial balcony. It is set on the second floor of a newly-built apartment. I'm gonna shift there tomorrow; so I can get the Moov spray ready. Uh-huh. The whole matter took me around three hours and it was around 8, when I went to a dhaba for dinner. Then I went back to my place and was killing time, with a few pegs of Old Monk and strumming my O-Ded, when Chaoba called me up [from Kilokri], asking me if I could accompany her to JNU. I'm a yes-man. I swigged in a couple of larger pegs, hoping it would last longer.

The clock struck 9:30 when we reached her university but the night had just started. I saw there is a gross gender discrimination inside the campus. Girls can go inside the boys' hostel [should it be men's hostel?], but we are not allowed inside the girls'. I waited in the reception, while Chaoba went in to 'paint' her face. She came out with three of her friends and I started feeling a little bit of uneasiness. But I got used to the gang quite fast. We went to a boisterous party, organised by the overseas students' association. The hard trance music, especially, delighted me. There were lot of students from various corners of the world – eastern Europeans, Africans, SE Asians, West Asians, amongst others. We didn't stay back for long, as we came out, strolling to the 24x7 joint. What's more, the group grew into a crowd, more people joined in, more chairs were arranged and the snacks became a feast.

The night made its way slowly under the unfeeling sky, welcoming the Valentine's Day. It was already past midnight; the temperature had dropped down and we started a saunter around the campus, whilst we also dropped in at the Ganga Dhaba to kill some more time. By that time, there were only six of us: Sanjog (which literally means 'co-incidence'; he said his father might have changed his brand after he was conceived!), Ishwar (with an old David Beckham's long ponytail-type hairstyle; who seemed to be a retro music fan like us...) [both of them are from Darjeeling]; oh Fcku! I forget that Rajasthani guy, Mr What'shisname [:(]... and Sugandha (she was a birthday girl !!!). She was wearing a short-skirt while people were shivering!

Then we trekked through the Aravalli Hills. I didn't know the place — there was a spot called PSR, which is considered as the highest point in Delhi. It has a rough, craggy landscape, yet the timing was just perfect for a bonfire. Ishwar was the fireman! The flames almost melted the night away. It was already dawn when we bid the dying embers goodbye. And another stroll. Then 24x7. Finally, I left the company around 6AM, and I could saw the early morning lights emitting from the horizon. I reached home and started my Valentine's Day in style. I swilled two more pegs of rum and crashed out. Amen.         




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