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The Imaginary Homecoming

Somewhere in Imphal:The laid-back attitude is getting right under my nose, since I left New Delhi for good a year ago. Now what I care for is my profession, and a bit of homework for helping family and friends in the coming times. I'm subsequently wont to rise early, on the dot when sweating or mugginess used to wake me up in days gone by. When I remember those days of chapatti, samosa, gulab jamun, milk tea, I'd go to the leikai tea-stall – where old men anatomise the morning paper over a cup of tea and nurture the good old memories of those dates-in-the-garden; Dev Anand and company; snatching-and-marrying girls of their choice; and those idyllic time before RK Sanayaima, A Somorendro, N Bisheswar and their ilk took the centre stage in the region's politics. 
As the month advances into the middle week, I don't worry about Bunty Booree, my former landlord in Maharani Bagh, troubling me for the rent anymore. This dickhead, who would always show up in the early morning a…

★It's not uncommon, guys!★

The resilience of the Manipuripeople is really incredible. Perhaps we are used to the perennial difficulties of life, when it has become a ritual for the state to be mired in a couple of consequential controversies, political dissension and ultimately, violent conflicts every year. Such is the tragedy we have been relentlessly compel to endure.

In the latest spectacle, Manipur is reeling under a crisis after Thunaleng Muivah's impending visit to his hometown in Ukhrul and the vexed ADC elections, not necessarily in that order. Can we compare the present calamity to any disaster that had struck the state in recent past?

With a showdown in the name of us versus them, highways are hold at ransom and essential commodities are running scarce. It has created a situation of life and death, literally, with hospitals running out of oxygen and life-saving drugs. Nobody wins in this hostility.

But so ironic is the situation that one's freedom is becoming another's bondage. Precisel…

News, blood, and politics

A thought ensuing the unfortunate Mao incident on May 6

Take a look at some of the news headlines in the last 24 hours: Violence erupts ahead of Muivah's visit, 3 killed‎  (The Hindu); 'Muivah bent on breaking Manipur, we won't let him' (Hindustan Times); NPMHR, TNL flay Mao-Gate firing (Kangla Online); Tension grips Mao as 3 persons die in police firing (The Sangai Express); What next in Meetei-Naga relationship? (Morung Express); Naga bodies condemn Manipur police action (Nagaland Post); MPP blames MHA for trouble (Imphal Free Press).

The heat is on again and we are choking in the toxic fumes of ethno-nationalism. Of late, the situation in Manipur and Nagaland – lying in one of the awful conflict-ridden regions in the world – has turned from bad to worse. The reason – Thungaileng Muivah, the NSCN-IM's general secretary made vow to visit his birth place in Manipur.

In a battle of us and them, and which nobody wins, the stake is on the progress of the region an…

Sweet Melodies

The re-composition and improvisation of a musical journey

MUSIC is what life sounds like, so the saying goes. According to Jean-Jacques Nattiez, a noted French musical semiologist, there is no single and intercultural universal concept defining what music might be, except that it is 'sound through time'. He was elaborating on the border between music and noise, yet the statement subtly captures the Delphic wonder of this art form.

With or without the rhetoric, a life without music is just like an underwear without elastic. Nothing more. And nothing less.

I hit the road on this wonderful journey of melody and harmony with Guns n' Roses, Judas Priest and Bryan Adams, almost together with the nursery rhymes. That was nearly two decades ago, and I was just out of the kindergarten when I got the first few tapes from my cousins. Then MTV came and changed my world for good.

Gradually I got the message that rock n' roll is in fact a global cultural force. The Beatles might not…


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