Third Time Lucky, Ibobi Is Manipur CM Again

From a Useless Stringer

Imphal, March 14 2011: Okram Ibobi has been appointed 
the Chief Minister of Manipuri for a record third time in a trot. 

He will take the oath this afternoon. It is likely he will submit 
his band of sterile men to move Manipur forward, towards 
the west through New Delhi.  

Official reports confirmed that three elected representatives 
had to lick and suck New Delhi’s arse more than usual for 
the green light from the high command and that Ibobi was 
selected after a careful deliberation. The two failed morons 
were unavailable for comments but political spectators saw 
their two faces resembled two impotent balls while they were 
heading towards IGI Airport.   

It added the reelected CM has been given stern orders on 
the limits of how much he could loot as the landlord of Manipur 
and on the number of times he can beg for grant-in-aid in 
a financial quarter. 

Culvert News mentions the people should start going fucking 
themselves ASAP.   

AIR had eavesdropped the highly official conversation and 
reported Ibobi also got a smack on his arse for going against 
the central command last year, aftermath the banning of a 
jungle bandmaster from entering the kingdom.

One, two and thEE
Image from Nungsibee Manipur



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