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Between the Old and the New Year

I will write down in sand
Of hopes shattered
Of life collapsed;

I don’t even get the chance to suffer, to break down
In silhouettes in darkness, totally down
In my hometown
Though usual it goes as it is
As it always exists;

Of a new year
I can hear the celebration with blaring sounds
Inside my head—
Of automatic guns
Of bombs
Of splattering blood;

Let me write in stone
Verdurous landscapes
New experiences
And more emptiness
Till death do my heart and soul apart.

And I’m far away from home
And I have lost my way back home;
Do new years come to my home?
It used to, but no more I’m sure;
Is it an old year leaving?
Is it a new year coming?

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From the Impressions of Meeting Brokers and Landowners While Hunting for an Accommodation on Cold Winter Evenings, After Returning from Work Fucking Tired

It was during those days I was looking for an affordable accommodation. Now the thoughts are becoming a mouthful. Why is it so hard to move into a new place? From approaching the annoying brokers, talking to the homeowners and finally moving in, then carrying all the packed stuffs and then the headache in unpacking them.

Story One

It’s been long I have been away from home. It must be nearly one hundred years. Quite long; sometimes I forget which way my home is. All along I have been earning with pride, the title of a tenant for life. So far, so good.


What do you think? Living in a rent has given newer lessons of life, whether it is related to how life is or how practical it is that I could possibly apply somewhere; or simply it is cramming that we used to do in our school. I’m not sure; I have learning problems. Just memorise the lessons before the exam and forget them for good as soon as the exam got over.

Back again, life is sinking into the periodic bouts of spending a l…

WTF: Gender and Expletives

The first few words, when we are learning a new language informally, must include a few choicest sweet expletives. Learning cannot get better than this. In most occasions we can see that those words are mostly related to female body parts. What could be the reason behind this gender bias in using the words?

Do say it loud and scream but don’t hang on to them like you would do to a newly bought shirt. As far as those words are concerned, the learning experience is just incomplete without them. The case is different when we are learning the language in a class where there is a structured approach. A better place but who can afford the comfort of a classroom all the time? Still I doubt even a textbook approach would be insufficient to explain why there is a difference.

Gender bender
When a gender is attached to these words there is a gross inequality with the most number of words preferring to go to the side of the fairer sex, with a dim chance that those sweet words and phrases develo…

Music Is Not Universal: For the Record of Human Vanity

For the sake of open-mindedness in understanding music and the experience of listening to different kinds and genres, we like to attach it with a universal label. But sometimes, this view is illusionary and gives us more noise than music to our ears.

I have so much wanted to take music as a universal language, as some kind of expression that all of us share with no inequality. Religion has failed hopelessly a long, long time ago. So is the concept of humanity. I saw there was something in music that all of us can relate to. But the harder I try, the more difficult it has become — for some apparent reasons. It is the politics of music that makes it chained to each society, country and a group of people and so on. It is utterly inefficient to communicate via melody and tunes sans political barriers and imagined boundaries between the proverbial us and them. Just like any other mundane thing!

Humanity always longs to be in a group, but the desire has never crossed beyond the perception o…

Black is Back

Black Is Back /  Black Magic / Black Dog /
BlackLaws / Black Panther / Black and White /
BlackMarket / Black Beauty / Black Flag /
BlackT-shirts / Black Jacket / Black Boot /
BlackBelt / Black Art / Black Comedy /
BlackDiamond / Black Screen / Black Background

When the world turns black When the world turns gloom and doom; Do a somersault
(In the pix: +Gold Tombi )

Places of Common Interest

Getting fed up of a redundant gab that we are never united, I tried a few experiments to show it is wrong. It is wrong, very wrong, to say that there is no common ground between us, amongst our folks. The disunity might be unclear. This is about some groups of people, my folks and I, who make up the diverse ethnic groups that are residing in the present Northeast region of India. Despite the political and economical chaotic order, we have found unity. Never say we never get along.
For the sake of repetition, one thing that we always whine is about the extremely fractured societies in the few parts of insurgency-ridden and violence-torn states in the region. We are fighting for an identity, which we have created to serve our interest and there are varying identities. You will not even believe that each one of us has unique histories with no room for mutuality. In the most extreme pain in the derrière, the rumour is that we are not united. We don’t want to be—either between us, or with…

From the Longest Queue of the World


Our ministers are standing at the front
There are many ministers putting up a bold front,
Of what—of what the fack in the world?
Their wives keep company with their ears
Dangling with gold rings over the concrete ground
Swaying to the air that smells of faeces,
As I stood at the end of the queue, cursing
There is little the ministers can do
There is little hope left in humanity;
The long-winded queue passes through
Sewers and toilets and morgues.

The queue is endless
The queue has always existed
The queue is getting longer
I’m not even sure what this queue is for;
Am I a prostitute waiting for the gods of gold?
I don’t want to sell my body to the gods.
I don’t want anything from the gods.


See the orgy
See them all in the queue
The teachers are wasting papers, rubbing off scum
The guns grope the army men, delighting them
The doctors are rushing, curing mass gonorrhea
The chemists are dying of addiction
The kids are high on whites and blues and powder;


How to Say ‘Hello, Dumbfuck!’ in Different Fonts



Five Hundred Years of Porn in One Sentence

Once upon a time in a land so dark like in tragic fairy tales, there were swords and daggers; and the story of the people continues unhappily ever after; with them the swords and daggers, them called the thangjou and thangsaang that were hidden in the backyard and replaced — as the impotent kings and their bastards ushered in the qortal musical instrument from faraway places, them called the hand-held clapper; as the display of courage with the swords and daggers was replaced with the exhibition of over-sized genitals, with lovesick rhythm of clacking and clattering clapper; singing the paean for horny gods and slutty goddesses; not one but all was lost in mass orgy, as in the knights in shining armour galloping for their ladies giving way to the addicts waiting for the last shots and the prostitutes waiting for their last customers — and today, the story is stuck in a heroin- and condom-infested land, located close to the Tamu red light area in Burma; oh! It’s a tragedy; the story o…

Relocation, Relocation, Relocation

A fresh approach is possibly needed to study the phenomenon of population transfer in Northeast India, where ethnicity is an identity; and identity is what makes or mars the collective life of an ethnic group

Recently there was an interesting term called the population transfer that popped up in a reading. As the term suggests, it refers to an exodus of a group of people belonging to a particular ethnic group or religion—as directed and dictated by the government or such high authority. All along, the issues have been territorial integrity, ethnic politics, ethno-nationalism and all kinds of anthropological wonders. Then we have these highly probable consequences from population transfer that accentuates the gravity of the above issues.

Generally population transfer is coercive and involves between states and nations. It is totally different from migration and occurs usually because of hostility or conflict between groups of people. Behind these simplified definitions, the world has s…


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