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Localities around the Loktak

View Larger Map: A Google map of the Loktak Lake

When the Loktak dries
When the world ends we know it
Morons be vanished

The world knows a half of Manipur for the Loktak Lake. Countless bouquets and garlands and heaps of praises have been adorning it; and, describing in words would only limit its beauty. Here I am concerned about a few places around this place. And a few perspectives.

No matter how many poets and common people have lost themselves in a tangle of using the most remarkable adjectives in describing the place, no one can deny the scum of the society, read legal and illegal gunmen, who have turned the place into a hell. As if these gunmen are insufficient, the state government is merciless in force eviction of the dwellers around the lake. It is amazing how we would cross all sorts of line for farcical development works.

Just to be clear, Manipur is a forbidden place, where law enforcement agency is more interested in contractual works on ad-hoc basis…

The Unlikely Resistance

To fight and conquer in all our battles is not supreme excellence; supreme excellence consists in breaking the enemy's resistance without fighting.—Sun Tzu
This might sound contradictory, but following our own religion can be an act of rebellion in my native place in the conflict-torn Manipur.

It is not only in religion, as we can see from the unconventional living, if we have to follow our indigenous tradition and culture. For the sake of clarity, we live in the easternmost part of India, where nationality is clearest just on official documents.

Besides, we had been following an indigenous faith, until Hinduism made an indelible mark at the cost of identity crisis over the last three centuries. We still have the original faith, yet it takes some sort of non-acceptance to follow it—this is the unlikely resistance.

Three centuries are quite a long time. In fact, Hinduism has become our seemingly original religion, with some people ready to die in Vrindavan and Mathura, a couple o…

Uninvited design # 1 Imphal Free Press

Uninvited Design will cover a series of design renovation for sites that I would love to undress. Ewww. It is an amateurish attempt to make good design more prominent, while learning more about the tools and tricks of the trade. An amateurish attempt, because I do not even know how to use the pen tool properly on Photoshop. I believe only in recreating new things, in the most leisurely way—as in cutting an image into one hundred parts and joining them, but not before adding a grunge layer in between and adjusting its hue and saturation—and things like that.

The professionals web designers and developers must have put extra effort to make the sites look appealing as much as they would have done to enhance the functional qualities. I would not demean them or their work. It is just a perspective of certain flaws on particular sites and a way in which I would like to alter them.

I am an ardent believer of minimalism but I stick lack that touch to make a work look beautiful with less. P…

Our Private Literature Issue 2: Get Ready this Sunday!

OPL 2 will go to the press on April 14. This issue, we have a theme on Anti-establishment.

It is easy to go with the tide. Why should anyone make existence a burden by opposing the currents of our time? We can let the things go as usual, as long as we are living our own lives. Such is the defective rationale of our collective lives. Add to that, we are letting the things go as they are, nothing more and nothing less. It is as if we are an island unto ourselves, unless it is about possession, consumption and daylight debauchery. We can clearly see the grunge and grease and grime if we take a step backward occasionally.

We have found some secrets to the solution in Anti-establishment.

Check for more updates
OPL blog Facebook/ourprivateliterature

the kung fu epiphany

you are writing poetry
with empty words more hollow
than the promise of the fake masters;
—learn kung fu from the real masters
possibly you would be able to do
do something like your friends
like getting rich
like driving a tank across secretariat road
like dining at hotel classic

you are living a life
sisyphus would cry, be ashamed, to see you
early morning, unbrushed teeth and unironed clothes
and half-eaten breakfast and you are getting ready for work
next morning, unbrushed teeth and unironed clothes
and half-eaten breakfast and you are getting ready
for work that makes up most of the days of your life,
those nicotine-stained lips and fingers know it well

sisyphus says you do not even need to go find stillwell road
to go to china to learn kung fu to outclass him
sisyphus says you do not even need to go to faraway greece
and do like he does all his life like roll the boulder;
sisyphus says to hell with all the masters he is the king—
you can start with the karate class at k…

Captain Arroganto Can Tell You You Are Molo

I might listen to you if you are PG Wodehouse
But the problem is you are not;
It is not a problem I do not listen to you. What d' you just say?

I might look into your eyes if you are the youngest helloi
But the problem is you are not;
It is not a problem I do not care to see how you look
It is a problem if you are finding fault in my cavalier;
It is not, if I say sweetly, you should go away. Please go away.

I might talk to you if you are president Thein Sein
But the problem is you are not;
It is not a problem if mum's the word. I did say, hello.

That uncomfortable silence,
That awkwardness, but worry not;
Captain Arroganto always says hello,
Captain Arroganto can tell you you are molo
You can go play bongo in Congo. Yellow bongo. In Congo.
Molo, go play yellow bongo in Congo.

PG Wodehouse     you know him the Englishman who wrote in a language that I am imitating right now. I got nothing better to do in life.Thein Sein      you know him the Myanmar president, his…

For Feminism’s Sake

“There is no gate, no lock, no bolt that you can set upon the freedom of my mind.”
― Virginia Woolf
From a catchy slogan by Gloria Steinem, I had my tryst with the idea of feminism. In those high school days, all I knew was to modify the slogan, ‘A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle’—from this hardcore feminist statement into a universal maxim: ‘A life without music is just like underwear without elastic.’ Everywhere I would mark and engrave this line, on school desks, notebooks and walls, as if the world would go naked as the elastic-less underwear fell, if not for my self-righteousness.

Gloria Steinem had re-quoted it from one of her teachers, who stated, “Man needs God like fish needs a bicycle.” Then, I was so naïve to interpret the nuances of women emancipation and their thoughts.

State of Affairs

Now, I am clueless about the movement. Possibly this is because I expect too much from those people who stress on a women’s world—or an equal world, though pitiably they fa…

Come Closer

It is our time
Our world

The world without war
It’s the rain in dry season
Bet it is coming

Equal existence
It’s the level between the rich and the poor
Our societies so same

The road ahead
It’s the power walk
We can even tread backward

Joy and happiness
All the garbage at the market know
They are spread everywhere

When everything is upside down
We can only do a somersault
We can catch up with time that way

•••• •• ••• ••••• • ••• •• •••••• •• ••• • •••• •••••• •••••• ••• •••••• ••• ••••• ••• •••  ••
Life in the largest democracy of the world
An illustration from the Facebook page of the Centre for Organisation Research & Education
The country's Supreme Court is 'distressed' too, with the fake encounter cases lately
•••• •• ••• ••••• • ••• •• •••••• •• ••• • •••• •••••• •••••• ••• •••••• ••• ••••• ••• •••  ••

Um, the Inutility of Academic Drivel in Diurnal Existence

Fuckin failures in a country of failures. Its nae good blamin it oan the English fir colonising us. Ah don’t hate the English. They’re just wankers. We are colonised by wankers. We can’t even pick a decent, vibrant healthy society to be colonised by. No… we are ruled by effete arseholes. What does that make us? The lowest of the low, the scum of the earth. The most wretched servile, miserable, pathetic trash that was ever shat intae creation. Ah don't hate the English. They just git oan wis the shite thev got. Ah hate the Scots. ―Irvine Welsh, Trainspotting

If you were given Irvine Welsh’s Trainspotting and Theda Skocpol’s States and Social Revolutions‎, what would you choose? Consider you know these books but you have not read them. As separate as they are as in Scots and Americans, still, both of them would be no wrong choice.Trainspotting is real, States and Revolutions is equally real but it lacks the basic punch. It is not Skocpol’s fault but is of the entire academic world.


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