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Saturday Minimally

January has been quite a rolling month. With lots of designing ideas, there is going to be a lot of graphics this year.

saturday it comes alone and you bring the dreams laphutharo dreams


7:45 Morning

The world starts moving at 7 45 every morning
No god would make it as prompt as the bloody alarm clock does
The gods are busy listening to the believers’ demands
In January the world conspires to dismantle the air around us
It only leaves a day more to keep up with the demands of living
A moment at a time, as if it makes sense
Advertising billboards are more meaningful than life;
Long after Marx’s demise the workers have been united
Like the rebels’ factions for ridiculous peace accords in our town
For workers, to be on time, to be good, to be docile, to be good again
To beat the crap out of any sci-fi’s robot,
Only the rebels are still on the wrong side of Trotskyist routines;
Nobody cares when the fields have turned into artificial deserts
Or when fiddling coins meagrely save the faces of overused bank accounts
It’s going to be a long day
But the distance is so relatively close
Seeing the length between today and tomorrow
And we are occupied filling the emptiness of living
Robbers, the big-shots in…


why are you looking so red—why is it so crimson all around?
are you blushing or is it bloodstain from a roadside killing?
i can only imagine, whatsoever, the reason could be your fake name
it could be your adopted gods; it could be your hopelessness
it could be anything and your silence only makes it worse
homeland, you always pinch my ass, stop it

i’ll not write odes for you
everything, for the worst, seems to be fine with you
like my love who is so liberal
it’s okay to raise hell with gunmen
and it’s as well okay to join forces with them
the ambiguity is killing me inside slowly
even so it’s clear for me: obscurity is unsuited for odes   

i’m not even a nationalist
i’ll not go to yunnan to get the guns and fight for you
would you persist, knowing the enemies are only amongst us already?
the february winds are on our doorstep
let it blow away the veil of secrecy between us
this is too much awkward
when sporadic gunshots and bombs are the sole icebreaker

i’ll not bring you flowers
you have so soon get s…

From a Kilometre Away from Outer Space

If left with any choice or not at all,
I’d just leave the bow and let the arrow shoots itself;
There’s little that can be expected from whatever spot it hits,
For it is already written in black and white, the meaninglessness

Yes, how we do expect the result will change
Our fate if at all we do hit the target,
if not for the fleeting sense of achievement in this existence
in which we label things to measure, to identify

We’re lost without the identity;
We’re lost without a sense of purpose;
We’re lost without a make-believe conviction;
We’re lost without the dead gods and egoistical yet fancifully named spirituality

Neither the kings are spared—who in each corner have
Self-styled themselves into masters and made the followers their slaves,
Just as in one invading another, conquering another
—and make the most ridiculous statements such as the world can be seen
only from economic perspectives

The filth in us and the expressionless symmetry in anything but ours,
The ridiculous merge of …

Keep Calm and Well... I Eat Eel While You Peel Eel and Keep Calm

The British Ministry of Information created the original Keep Calm and Carry On poster during the onset of WWII. See a note about the slogan on the GOV.UK blog. It is said that the copies were hardly distributed until it was rediscovered in 2000. In this age of memes, however, it is no wonder how it has spread far and wide as well as incorporated the messages of koksamlais and yongchaaks in the most peaceful of times. Here’s a collection on random statements:

Between the Past and the Present

A river flows right at the centre
And the two banks meet only in eternity,
That’s how this moment stands
Away from a moment ago;

The wheel of seconds and moments rotates endlessly,
A second before the long ennui
And the second after great motivation
It makes jumping over Earth a simple task;

A bullet in the loaded gun, a planted IED
An instant before firing and exploding,
But like the meaninglessness of gunmen and bombers
The thin line of coming apart is never clear;

It’s the second between life and death, setting the pace
For everything-two—it’s the moment between creation and destruction
In good times speak of its brightness
And almost kill oneself on the other side of the light source;

Between the one-moment past and one-second present,
History has been built from a milligram of memories at a time
Living has no essence, save that it moves—it’s just futile to dig further
Perhaps until the separation line tells us where we are exactly in the present.

Midnoon Preaching: Make This Not That

Make a song not a bong
Make deals not killings
Make a toy not destroy
Make vision not delusion
Make perks not twerks
Make metal not petal
Make mock not thok mok
Make roads not workloads
Make berries not worries
Make kelli chana not kaabuli chana
Make diaper not Justin Bieber
More on the theme Evening Preaching | Midnight Preaching

Triumph of Labour

“In proportion therefore, as the repulsiveness of the work increases, the wage decreases.” ― KARL MARXThe Communist Manifesto
“The laboring man has not leisure for a true integrity day by day; he cannot afford to sustain the manliest relations to men; his labor would be depreciated in the market. He has no time to be anything but a machine.” ― HENRY DAVID THOREAUWalden

Evening Preaching: Make This Not That

This is a part of the series on Preaching: Make This Not That: A random collection of words, clashes and contradictions that can be distilled from the aphorism of Make Love Not War: Check the Midnight Preaching and Midnoon Preaching. Here is the Evening Preaching:

Midnight Preaching: Make This Not That

Making love and not war has become too redundant in this bloody world. We should rather make love instead of warwathee. Here’s a list of what we can make and we should not, not particularly in order or importance: [Check the Evening Preaching & Midnoon Preaching too!]

Tales of the New Death

I saw Death today making a deal with the living gods
Nothing in this world counts as life does
But all he received was an ex-gratia
So many of its ilks had finished the deal like everything is okay

—You lose when you don’t want money, unsolicited it maybe,
To measure your worth, the gods had sighed;
Death lives forever but ever it is passionate just like the gods long to lie

When it knocked on the doors of Peace
Never can anyone, living or dead, can expect the greeting would be returned so swift
As a victim itself, begging for ultimate demise,

Just like the local poets who lurk in bamboo grooves for their masterwork
Looking for words in every leaf and un-proportionately marked stems
And to find only blood on the adjoining streets to scribble;

All the doors are closed in the town except those of the cremators
Yet it never matters—including Death and its clamour for some serenity
So now all it does is to sell stories to soulless listeners,
And so do history books come tossing, show…

Nongmaijing 3/3: Khottipost Collection


Nongmaijing 2/3: Shapes and Shades

“In the long run, we shape our lives, and we shape ourselves. The process never ends until we die. And the choices we make are ultimately our own responsibility.”
- Eleanor Roosevelt

Nongmaijing 1/3: F******* for Peace?

It may seem ironical to choose the better option of the two, for both need a complete change of living and dying, unlike in the contemporary mess in the town, where newspeople say we are lucky if we are alive. These are not the best of time for us, but fortunately, we do have a choice! And politically speaking, if we were merged into a union through paperwork, then the solution whatsoever it may be, lies in paperwork only. Rebel leaders would clamour they are not waging war against the state, but are fighting for a lost sovereignty. They might as well see that fighting for such a cause has cost us five decades, such a long time and a number of precious lives, not to mention the gross decadence of the society. We cannot live in a conflict situation forever. By the way, F is for fuck.

of peace and all things good... and bad

“Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing
and rightdoing there is a field.
I'll meet you there.

When the soul lies down in that grass
the world is too full to talk about.”
Nobody wants war  but we live in a world of conflicts. For that matter, everybody is seemingly fed up of corruption but the problems persist—even folks in the establishment have formulated action plan as well, most evident in the formation of a common man’s party (AAP) in the Indian political landscape. Now the only thing left for us is to measure the dimension of peace and start building it, regardless of any external factor. Back home in Manipur, there has always been a debate about peace and development, whether if one of them should prevail first. Though it is an open secret how the armed movement, read the lack of peace, resulted from a failed nation-building policy; and without addressing the root cause, we have been told to believe that the insurgents and the disturbed law and order condition are the bottleneck …

images of an outcast

asphalt and stones, hard and heavy, are for cities
the paddy fields, golden yellow and green and brown, for villages
and when i think about you, i see a defective condom

in the town, kalashnikovs are for abuse
army canteens for duty-free whisky
and when i think about you, i see misery

the foothills that flicker at sundown are for living quarters
the highways for robbers, those gun-slinging pigs, from kohima
and when i think about you, i see tarzan of the apes

the government and their enemies, so brazenly, are for murder
the elected representatives, so nauseously, for dungs
and when i think about you, i see 1524AD — quite a long, long time

aprils are for azure, mauve and amber skies, and white ibises
the seasons for revolution
the mountains for home
life for happiness
love for life
and now when i think about you, i see why you throw me out

To My Dearest Friend

Could I act like a jerk,
Beyond doubt—whatever it takes in this world;
And act and pretend
You are the bravest parent, you gave birth to the sweetest child
You own the biggest mansion in the world
Till eighty, you will have Madonna’s skin so wrinkle-free
You belong to the oldest and advanced society
A little exaggeration never hurts and who cares
You were the inventor of Ras Lila; you invented Krishna as well
You were created first; and in the future, you will end the last

But there’s a favour—I’d call it a request;
For I cannot pretend or believe
Your patriots are kicking my ass and that it is fine
I don’t have to love your country by force, do I?
I suffocate not to laugh at your hopelessness
Are you waiting for the world to end and get rid of your misery?
Your pathetic doctrine of rejecting the fake/godly considerations
When you can kill me because I don’t look like you

I can convince you have the most precious life
Pretend I didn’t see beyond your airplane-crew-inspired smile

Eeyek Mayek

letter (n.1)  
c.1200, “graphic symbol, alphabetic sign, written character,” from Old French letre (10c., Modern French lettre) “character, letter; missive, note,” in plural, “literature, writing, learning,” from Latin littera (also litera) “letter of the alphabet,” of uncertain origin, perhaps via Etruscan from Greek diphthera “tablet,” with change of d- to l- as in lachrymose. In this sense it replaced Old English bocstæf, literally “book staff” (compare German Buchstabe “letter, character,” from Old High German buohstab, from Proto-Germanic *bok-staba-m). Latin littera also meant “a writing, document, record,” and in plural litteræ “a letter, epistle,” a sense first attested in English early 13c., replacing Old English ærendgewrit, literally “errand-writing.”

Read Creation of Man According to Ancient Kanglei Philosophy (with a focus on Eeyek)
by Wangkhemcha Chingtamlen      Part 1Part 2

Who Am I?


My name’s King Kong. I’m from Hong Kong and I play ping pong. But no, I didn’t kick the balls of those mayangs in Chingmeirong. And I only drink atingba in Kakhulong.

Once an Animal, Always an Animal

According to Aristotle, human beings are by nature political animals, because nature, which does nothing in vain, has equipped them with speech, which enables them to communicate moral concepts such as justice, which are formative of the household and city-state (ref. Stanford Encyclopaedia of Philosophy). The great thinker added that the city-state exists by nature, because it comes to be out of the more primitive natural associations and it serves as their end, because it alone attains self-sufficiency. Besides, the city-state is naturally prior to the individuals, because individuals cannot perform their natural functions apart from the city-state, since they are not self-sufficient. We have come a long way, most obvious from the transformation of city-states to nation-state in contemporary age. Yet the gist remains the same; we only have to interchange the terms.

If we examine this rhetoric, we are apparently the most intelligent animal—with a mental faculty that is supposedly m…

Uninvited Design: Hollywood in Meiteilon

Do you know the Hindi channel which broadcast only dubbed movies? UTV Action? It makes the most serious Star Wars into comedies, not because of any other reason but for the ridiculous dialogues in Hindi. Pathetic. For the sake of some humility, let us agree that it can show what it wants. I think the condition would be no different if the movies are dubbed in my native tongue, Meiteilon. This is no pessimism but practical thoughts. We boast of being amongst only the couple of regions with an established film industry in the volatile Northeast region of India bordering Myanmar. However, it is still in a formative period.

This is a collection of graphics created out of the love for language and Photoshop. The Godfather cannot be a Laipa, which is a transliteration of the original title but I have tried to retain, except again in Nymphomaniac and Peeping Tom, the exact meaning of the names. From the lot, the Leirang Amasoong Lamsha is the best wrt the title. In a way, these are not film…

Blackout! (in Colours) 2.0

The first post of the new year!

This is a part of a series on Blackout in Colours (Check the first Blackout 1.0). The first collection was on newspapers and the graphics, below, are based on books. This is an inspiration from a popular meme on censorship, which goes something like: THE MOST IMPORTANT MERIT OF CENSORSHIP IS XXXXXXXXXXXX.


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