A Billion-Rupee Question

When your bike goes mazooka
You gotta pay mazuma
As folks say
We are a limper sans a rider
So pay and get your beast running.

If you have a Jacuzzi
You gotta be one smooth bastard
It’s jealousy doing the talking
What I mean is you pay for it.

When we are peckish
We pay for the pakoura
When we are cold
We pay for the charcoal.

And the bigger the brand the higher the price
The higher the needs the larger the cost
The larger the problem the bigger the toll
And the bigger the issue the higher the bill

But when the society somersaults into a sewer
Who pays for it?
This is online payment in real life
You know when you are living in/for/on it.

Life, as stellar in the gutter
Living, as dapper in the gutter;
Not me I will say, you know
Not me you will say, I know
But who pays for it?

- Concluded.

PS: Keep passing the buck!



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