yangon plan

see many a newspaper ad every morning
the sale for many a property
and i see many ‘inside’ people annoying
as they see the sale for my only property

they ask which job i’m selling my soul for
which job my family is going to hell for
whose slave i’m going to be for
because i’m so unruly and poor

when i’m in this bitter prison
i give a fuck about your jobs
and my family is just selling a tiny fortune

so i can pay off the cops and their master demon
so we can go to yangon
this land looks  as always so woebegone

go to yangon and trade chinawares
go to yangon and sell underwears
go to yangon in the real timberland
go to yangon and maybe head to thailand
i’ll go to yangon for anything

this land is damned
go and ask the warden what you want to
he’s also selling his home in checkon
i don’t know where he’s going to
and me, everything’s set for yangon



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