In Pursuit of Freedom is a blog on things that I come across on my way to liberty. It has been created with the belief that knowing is the key to wisdom.
- Kapil Arambam

If you can relate to more than three keywords, you are in the right place!

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anti-political, alternatives, utopia, anarchism 

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Web IPF 3.0

The best thing about IPF is that I can write and I can create at my ease. No restriction, no deadline, no nothing... it is every thing that comes between my eye and the monitor.

Early 2010, I had made a resolution to be more original. I have done away from using the commandC plus commandV keys to fill in the interesting web updates. (Now I have Facebook to share those links!) So I have been relying more on my fire to get things manufactured here.

As I was cleaning the pages, weeding out the unsourced / unreferenced pieces / images, I found that many of the pieces are / were direct lift. An entire page of BBC was here, another entire page of Wikipedia there! But not anymore... IPF is real now. Perhaps there was no purpose nor focus when I first landed in this world of blogging.

Now it’s about free expression

In this blog, you can read essays and poetry or appreciate the raw graphic designing. The contents are too individualised, I sometimes feel it but then it's a personal site ;) Usually, you will find pieces on those themes that I have strong opinion about...

Of late, I've started trying my hand at graphic designing. A rookie, I'd call myself but the experiment is getting more exciting each day. Another ideal stuff is to type about everything under the sun.

Besides, I have an undying love to spread the concept of participatory culture. This type of culture—“with strong support for creating and sharing one’s creations with others” and “with relatively low barriers to artistic expression and civic engagement”—can help in bringing about the change we want to see in our world. In these ways we become not merely consumers, but producers and creators. And as an act of political defiance, I have pledged to use this platform. And as George Orwell once said: "What I have most wanted to do throughout the past ten years is to make political writing into an art."Kapil Arambam  

Machine service centre

In Pursuit of Freedom is a blog maintained and customised by Kapil Arambam. You are not allowed to copy, in part or in its entirety, any part of this blog and use it for commercial purpose unless you have the permission and provide the original URL in your work. Please check Disclaimer/License for more information.


I’m indebted to Raj N, my respected teacher, who taught me the theories of communication and made me understand their finer nuances. He was the person who introduced me to the world of blogging.

I also owe my gratitude to the maestros —though words might be limited to describe my reverence— amongst many others, Fyodor Dostoevsky, Walt Whitman, RW Emerson, Thoreau, Charles Dickens, Allen Ginsberg, WH Auden, Albert Camus, Jack Kerouac, Robert Ludlum and others, countless political thinkers from Aristotle to Mikhail Bakunin (and from Kropotkin to Trotsky) plus several Manipuri writers and poets who (as of now) I cannot make a distinction between their kinds of work (but by memory, I can name Shri Biren, Thangjam Ibopishak, Pacha Meitei, Arambam Somerendro etc). And my sincere appreciation also goes to friends and people, who I have been in interaction with regularly, for giving me inspiration.

Get the best out of this blog
 I blog, therefore I am

KNOWLEDGE SHARING POINT   I have posted poems and prose plus rants and rambles, with themes ranging from winter rain to anarchism. The list includes crap, emotional outbursts, sloppiness, propaganda, uselessness, individuality, resistance, anti-establishment, reflections on life. If you have an inclination for free expression and colloquialism, you might love to be here. Don’t be surprised when you get pissed off, if you are hell-bent on conformity, reluctant to change, religious and loyal to the government of the land.

DESIGN FUNCTIONALITY  Design is directly proportional to practicality. That was how Steve Jobs had redefined the relation between design and functionality and he changed how a half of the total computers across the world look like.. Statisticians estimate there are 1.1 billion computers, that was one year ago in early 2012. Expect the number to reach 2 billion in 2016.

Jobs’ minimal style is highly contagious. How I wish I could purchase a Mac. It would take me some more years to afford it, now there is no hope except if I won a lottery.

This direct proportionality also reminds us of the fashion parades, where garment designers create all those weird apparels that are only as good as, how much jazzy the models can flaunt them on the ramp. Well, that is another story.

I wish to improve the design gradually. So, you can expect to find a lot of changes and a lot of tweaking regularly on this blog. I can share with you the tips and tricks, the layout ideas and the HTMLs and CSSs if you love customisation, if originality is your sort of thing.


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