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I blog, therefore I am

KNOWLEDGE SHARING POINT   I have posted poems and prose plus rants and rambles, with themes ranging from winter rain to anarchism. The list includes crap, emotional outbursts, sloppiness, propaganda, uselessness, individuality, resistance, anti-establishment, reflections on life. If you have an inclination for free expression and colloquialism, you might love to be here. Don’t be surprised when you get pissed off, if you are hell-bent on conformity, reluctant to change, religious and loyal to the government of the land.

DESIGN FUNCTIONALITY  Design is directly proportional to practicality. That was how Steve Jobs had redefined the relation between design and functionality and he changed how a half of the total computers across the world look like.. Statisticians estimate there are 1.1 billion computers, that was one year ago in early 2012. Expect the number to reach 2 billion in 2016.

Jobs’ minimal style is highly contagious. How I wish I could purchase a Mac. It would take me some more years to afford it, now there is no hope except if I won a lottery.

This direct proportionality also reminds us of the fashion parades, where garment designers create all those weird apparels that are only as good as, how much jazzy the models can flaunt them on the ramp. Well, that is another story.

I wish to improve the design gradually. So, you can expect to find a lot of changes and a lot of tweaking regularly on this blog. I can share with you the tips and tricks, the layout ideas and the HTMLs and CSSs if you love customisation, if originality is your thing.
RSS (RICH SITE SUMMARY)   Have you seen this orange button? Of course, these are as ubiquitous as the social media buttons.

RSS is commonly known as Really Simple Syndication. Indeed, it is really simple. You can find two RSS buttons here. One of them is the default widget, while the other is created through FeedBurner. When you subscribe to the RSS for a particular site, you can get the updates on your email or a platform such as Google Reader. This allows you the flexibility to catch all the updates of your favourite website or weblogs. You would not miss anything because even if you forget about it, there on the email you will get all the latest updates.

How can you start using RSS: For users, click the Subscribe buttons—and you might need to mention your email and further confirm it from the ID you have provided. You can even click on the button (left), go in, and choose the platform you are most familiar with.

For webmasters and bloggers, you can use FeedBurner (, where you can easily get the code and insert it on your page or sidebar. You do not even need to create a new account. Use the same Gmail account and you have access to Blogger, Google Reader and FeedBurner (or even Picasa to save the images by default. The merit is its image location URL, which we can grab it for embedding or personalisation).

HTML and CSS TRICKS For example, you might want to add the feeds button. There are two ways to add the button. One of them is by default that you can get from the Add-a-Widget option (Dashboard > Layout > Add a Gadget > HTML/JavaScript Add or Feed). Second, you can add a HTML/JavaScript widget through FeedBurner, as mentioned above.

I always thought HTML means Hippies Thought Marijuana’s Legal. Until I saw it somewhere a few years ago and learned that, it stands for Hypertext Markup Language. Then I realise it is the most important tool to personalise the pages or accentuate entirely the look of a website/blog. There are endless features you add it or tweak through the Add HTML/JavaScript option. I have the clock, Facebook and Twitter buttons and ‘special’ images. The only shortcoming is that these are the days of HTML5 version. All I know is that it creates highly functional, wide-screen and sleek websites, but I have no clue how it can useful for blogs.

The Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) is used for streamlining the blog’s format and design. And its latest version is CSS3, which is equally confusing as HTML5. For example, I have used it for changing the highlight colour of the text. I have also used it for the animated Get Connected buttons (The latter, I have been hunting for around a year to learn how I can do it and lo, finally, I did it in the second week of Jan 2013).


Annual Beat

These are the collections of poems that I had been compiling from 2010. Poetry, for me, is the larger meaning how I am trying to bite some essence off life, the bridge how I connect myself to the society and the weapon I have owned to fire all the shits I have taken in from my environment.