KAPIL ARAMBAM • In Pursuit of Freedom •

For the Trendsetters

The summer wind is blowing away
On a September evening when all’s adrifting
All the heads adrift, all the hearts
I worry for the wind for it’s wasted
All the heads and hearts are just flowing
Nothing opposes and it robs of all the fun
When one head hits on the wall,
It says it’s in its destiny
It’s fine as long as it’s for its country
How narrow can you be not to know it, it shrugs
How can you live without it?

Perhaps just stand in the middle of the road
Wear a knicker stitched with the colour of the flag
Stop drifting a while and tell passers-by
We belong together, we belong to the same shithole
And when the wind slows down or goes crazy
Blame it on the weather and cry like an ugly baby
And the summer wind is blowing away
On a September evening when all’s adrifting

We belong together and we know each other
So when you talk about the larger things
What the narrow minds cannot even imagine
We know you’re just being an asshole
Take a dump wherever you halted
That way, nobody will come in your place again
Yet you will not know why
And the summer wind is blowing away
On a September evening when all’s adrifting

All you do is to make more craps out of the listlessness
Out of pride, out of loyalty, out of stupidity
And maybe get a prize from the president of the wind department
And the shits cannot even believe your asses
And the summer wind is blowing away
On a September evening when all’s adrifting

Ten Main Brain Haiku

Why would we need it?
Animals can do without,
Logic disaster

Like truth the mind lives
Somewhere below the bollocks
A brain's the showpiece

Peanut brain for me.
Peanut brains for all my folks.
Ostrich’s relatives.

A couple fighting,
Let’s cut your brain the man said;
Their lil boy yelled ‘Knife!’

I’d stare at you long
Till the night bids us goodbye
Till the mind owns it

Lost, lost! one brain lost!
It was clean, fresh, hardly used
— Our king’s; win rewards!

Empty stomach won’t
But empty brains are the wont;

She’s got a big heart
She’s got a big brain as well
The horny man grins

Hundred billions wires
The cells and nerves and neurons
Have I had my lunch?!

Is it consciousness?
Or is it the brain, conscious?
Reality’s tricks

Grope in the Dark

Grope in the Dark

In the darkness was the mountain I’d mistaken
        A mount I thought it’s a home; so lame
        I cannot only blame the light it was blacken
        Then I saw the fulgent flame
        Too much of the light helps little
            Yet, now all of these are just banal;

    And inside again I imagined the bird as a dove
    The whiteness was only as good as the blindness
    And it’s pity the actual crow can substitute no love
    All along we have had only its badness
            The darkness only aggravates the wounds

Unknown mountains and unknown birds
Unknown birth and unknown death
Nothing seems to make sense now
If I die in the darkness, do I ever exist?
        And all I have for company are a mis-identified mountain
        And a mistaken bird I share nothing with

I heard as well the people shouting, out on the street
But nothing seems to make sense now
And my life does not exist beyond the concrete
Nothing’s ever clear in here in the darkness anyhow
    Nothing seems to make sense
    Vanishes, the nonexistent switchboard forever.

The Priestphallus’ Preaching

Give up
        Give up the whisky
Stop it and stop yourself from cirrhosis
You should stop and rather die for your country
Know it never stops the police canteens sell discounted boozes
But stop: keep a distance from the rum-fuddlers, the vodka-toasters

Give up
        Give up the cigarettes
You are no enemy of the stomach
- No, you are not the enemy of your lungs
For potential enemies, there is a sea of people with tails
There are to be enemies a universe of man-made bits and bobs

Give up
        Give up the drugs
One shot is too many for the lords in Thailand
And a thousand shots will never be enough for you
See the abusers and hookers aplenty seeking shots on the street
Though nobody would say they sell off like the government

Give up
        Give up the guns
Your generation is the intentionally left blank pages of a book
But there are certain bright eyes among the new generation
There are certainly going to be more bright eyes
Those generations that look for a better tomorrow

Give up
        Give up your stupidities
And nobody will notice it
Everybody has been ignoring you since 1949
Now perhaps for everybody’s sake and humanity
Nobody should be become asses during talking-shop’s fests

Give up
        Give up bashing the masters behind the back
The blame is all onto us and not the masters
The Nagas know the masters, the Kukis know the masters
The Meiteis know the masters —  it’s all written on different asses
No matter even if the masters and gods say we are different human beings

Give up
        Give up your saviours
You only know who is who
And we’ll never disclose you’ve a slavish mind
And that you have got only one testicle
Yet you know, and everybody knows, that you are no Hitler

Give up
        Give up your crudity
The anthropologists have stopped coming with their certificates
The extortionists have stopped defining revolution
Killing and looting and robbing and killing and looting and...
It’s true we’ve stopped living in the 15th century

And give up that false pride harder than the masters’
With the fantasy of the most overly charged gigolo
With more than a hooker’s idea
    Of her first fuck of the day to get the first fix
With the bending knees to ever fall down on masters’ feet
With the loyalty of the worst mongrel
You might get a parole out of this prison of shithole

Green-Eyed Monster Recites Haiku in Non-chronological Order

Part II

You might be thinking
Of your ways to find wisdom;
But show modesty

While you would fake it
Tell about unseen affairs,
I’d still listen to

You can make me glad
Tell me to jump off the cliff
I would only smile

Part I

Yet it’s hard to take
Listen to others’, what’s mine;

Entirely different
What was yesterday for us
And what is today

Still this might go on
For green’s not the evergreen
Red, white, blue might help

Green-Eyed Monster Recites Haiku in Two Parts

Image adapted from
1. Optical illusion from Unleashed PrePaids
2. Shot of an eye created by Keistutis

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