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One Evening

When It Occurred the Strangest of Things Was Normal and One of the Most Normal Things Was the Strangest

It’s strange this holiday at home

There has been no power cut
Except there where the waiter who said he cannot serve tea
The light was too weak to run the tea-maker,
There has been no bomb blast in the locality till now
No murder if not for the sporadic killing here and there
Should I confirm I landed on the right place?

I do remember I had booked the ticket for home a week ago
And I got the ticket stub in my souvenir bag
It’s strange this holiday
Yet as always the police dogs are out on the street
Sniffing around for unsuspecting balls and pussies
Carrying trendy guns sponsored by their hard-task masters
But then again the gaudy decoration lights have covered up
In and around Kanglapat and Keishampat
In the name of turning a shithole into a paradise
And the workers are painting the streets black and white and yellow
And the contractors are selling their dreams
And all I can do is…

A Hymn to Love

Love is a tharo
In some unknown pond in Andro
I have never even seen it but only heard
In booze-filled streets, where the righteous folks have ever sneered

So it was no surprise when I was sober
When little broken hearts and pieces consumed me faster
As if love was what the lovers had been longing
And for the sake of conclusion I ended up merely with ‘fucking’

From hymn to humming

Tharo - Water lily, in Meiteilon
Andro - A historically and culturally significant hamlet located in Imphal East


India vs China — Graphically

Nationalism is the animal’s way of marking a territory in a more legible form.

From South America to Southeast Asia, various groups are also fighting for the right to self-determination. What a drug the nationalism is!  However, it is more surprising than any of its equivalents that we see from how people can or would do for its sake—to the extent of killing each other for many decades ceaselessly. My hometown is just the perfect example.  On the other hand, when development has been equated with numbers and figures, humanity is the first casualty. No tradition of the oldest civilisation or the level of spiritual progress is no match for the ever-increasing dependence on material development.

In this context, India and China are projected to be the next superpowers. Some promising decades are on the horizon though the two countries are relatively different as the numbers and figures show; yet it is certain: for as long as some ends are met, the collateral damages,  the peripheries and…

An Account on the Present Status of ILP Movement in Manipur

A translation of keynote address in Manipuri by Somorendro Thokchom, co-convenor of the Joint Committee on Inner Line Permit System (JCILPS), from a public convention held at MDU hall. The convention, under the aegis of the JCILPS, adopted a number of resolutions, the foremost being implementation of ILP System by the state government by 18 November 2014. Text courtesy: from a press release published by issued by the publicity committee of JCILPS and which was posted on 8 November 2014

INTRODUCTION:      History has taught us, throughout the world that many indigenous people and societies have disappeared forever, despite occupying the most dominant place during their heydays. One of the finest examples in classical antiquity is the Sparta city-state in ancient Greece. In the recent past, one year after one of the indigenous people around the Amazon in Brazil was ruthlessly exterminated in 1968, Robin Hanbury-Tenison, as president, and Stephen Corry as director, founded the S…

When the Stuff Gets Scarce


When the stuff gets scare
We have two ways to the hell
One when wallet is as barren as a used bong
Another when the crusaders put on their saviours’ mask
The police are just fine with the business

When the fellows throng the streets with wooden expression
Running noses, teary eyes and as non-travelling vagabonds,
Something is wrong with the universe
Tho’ we have seen there are only two ways
Only two sure ways we can expect.


Sick once an old man fell
And my friend and I were happy when his wife called
He needed some shots for the day
It saved us all the agonies of the day

The old man might be sick but we cared for only our share
So we went to the neighbourhood’s pusher
We got more than we had expected
Who knows others’ illness can be a disguise for unexpected high

When the stuff gets scare
When there are only two ways to hell
We put up against the whole universe
No matter nobody knows 


When the stuff gets scare
We have two ways to the hell
We have to pool the money
Or we…

Payoff: Top Manipuri Role Models

If we have to sum up Manipur in two words, we can try violence and corruption. One, we have the mindless killing perpetuated by the state, non-state actors and the trigger-happy thugs who are harassing the public under the disguise of son-of-the-soil stinking masks. Two, the rampant looting of the public exchequer and from the masses, who are so used to giving and taking the easy money, is disgustingly filthy, for the want of a better expression.

This post is a news collection of the second case on corruption, which has been institutionalised, much to the delight of the many souls who would not mind selling off their husbands and wives to get extra freebies. It is beyond comprehension, however, what is more intolerable is the conduct of the people, especially those who are in the higher echelons of the government departments, even after they are charged for graft. A couple of months ago, the director (read Sinam Fuck Sekharjit Off) of a premier medical institute (Regional Institute o…


Hit one
It makes no difference
But for the shadow that gets darker
And the army killed my friend; he had a grenade in his wallet

Hit two
It’s just a déjà vu feeling
But for the shadow to give a trace
And we plunge deeper into black emptiness, redefining absurdity

This is based on a true story
This is not the truth but based on truth
Non-linear, altering characters, fleeting roles
It’s so bad, yet, not unsurprisingly

For it’s always the new truth
The mango tree cried for the rainy season
The mountains echo with lamentation
The valley is flooded with grunge and grime

Hit three
The gods wail in foreign languages
What’s in it for us when even the lords are defeated
We can only long for hope in the next strike
Hit us, hit me, hit him, hit her, hit them

Hit us, hit me, hit him, hit her, hit them
In the night of the strike there was a hope in the dawn
All along we have only got one day closer to death
Hit us, hit me, hit him, hit her, hit them
Hit us, hit me, hit him, hit her, hit them

Capitol Complex Calling

Cackling, clapping and yackety-yakking
The noise is a nightmare for the living dead
At the mountain base is there, the master’s mansion
It is built of blood, completed with scum
Inside the elegance is evident
From the dribble of daylight robbery
Like their fake faces, them the drooling donkeys
And they bet on the fate of the folks
Inside, though, ever it is pleasant
The talking shop, tinctured with rotten shits
Our bad fortune has been merely footnoted
All’s compensated, though, with the collection of craps
There at the entrance it lies unmistakably
In filthy yellow, fettered and walled with barb wires around
The building reeks of stinking trash and garbage
In and out, the blatant truth is written everywhere
Inside there should be the fattest, biggest bomb
Explosion and a new revolution
Else so bleak is the view
The haze has hindered all sanity
But pine and pant for some badly needed normality

Big Shots, Big Shits

The cronies run with their bags
Others are left, far, far, behind
The cronies are running with their bags
No one can tell where to
While a thief he was beaten to death
He was caught stealing a bucket

The masters are following
Our masters are following
From above us, to get rid of us
They might return next election
But that's not an issue anymore
We're used to survive without them

The superstars are flying away
Far, far, farther from the real stars
They are beyond the stars
But they have left, of the land,
Their misery and nothingness
Let the stars shine no more

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