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Illusion or reality?

T h e N o r t h E a s t V i s i o n 2 0 2 0

(Prime Minister Manmohan Singh's address on the occasion of release of the North Eastern Region Vision 2020 Document at a function in New Delhi on July 2, 2008.)

".... The North Eastern region is the land of the rising sun for India. The time has come for the sun to shine on it and shine brightly. This Vision 2020 defines the path to that bright future. As the adopted son of this region, as a representative in Parliament for the people of this region, I thank all those who have been associated with the completion of this project of momentous importance.

"The Vision is a tribute to the democratic sensibilities and traditions of the people of the North Eastern region. This is also a unique event in our nation building processes that the leaders of a region have come together to forge a common path to development and greater prosperity for the people of this region. I congratulate the political leadership of the region, its…

Private Investigation

While my guitar gently sweeps

Part II

On the cultural front, playing guitar and listening to different forms of music have made us more open to accept the various social mores. People have different taste, choice, and it varies as much as there are different societies with their own backgrounds -- be it social, political, historical, geographical or whatever. Technology has shrunk the world into a global village, but we are still living in a big bad world, where it takes sixteen hours to reach the nearest railway station. Ironically, we are not village-dwellers though our town may be quite rustic. The experience takes us out from the familiar social terrain to the unfamiliar.

Many people counters us western music is a mere hole-in-the-wall hoax, cashing in on our deplorable weakness for anything with a foreign name. For any critic, there are always reasons and drawbacks in any thing, well, for criticism's sake. I'd say if you argue correctly you are never wrong.

In fact, this …

Flight of Fancy

•I have a dream •

The best thing about dreams is that fleeting moment, when you are between asleep and awake, when you don't know the difference between reality and fantasy, when for just that one moment you feel with your entire soul that the dream is reality, and it really happened.

First thing first. For starters, I see myself earning circa two lac [Indian money will do!] a month, though without any income-tax hassles. The cash is flowing smoothly, and I have a substantial saving that nets a crore plus a couple of lacs invested in mutual funds.
I have earned, saved and invested, allowing me to buy a delightful home. It is set in one of the prime locations in a cosmopolitan city. My property is designed by leading architects and interior designers, and comprises several state of the art fittings. It has a stylish and generous living area with a lot of period features in a contemporary setting. I'd definitely love to kill my time in the large study room, furnished with a flexibl…

Private Investigation

Leisure activities teach us several things. An awareness is being instilled, which otherwise would not have been possible in our mundane life. The knowledge that soaked consciously or unconsciously in our pursuit does a great deal to make us understand things.
It does not matter what you do, but how you do it. In solitude or in company, there are several things we can take up for recreation. These activities in our life are provided with several doors, which lead us onto large rooms for exploration as well as discovery.
For the past ten years, we have been playing guitar for fun. This hobby has fine-tuned our receptory veins, enabling us to separate the best piece from the better lot, and the better one from the good collection. You cannot call me an expert because I still don't know how to read music on staves. But the years that I have spent strumming my Signature semi-acoustic instrument, have been quite an experience. One of the most remarkabl…


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