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An Emerson's epigram


Symptoms and antidotes

Now that we know the symptoms,
we can get the antidotes

It's no more a secret how the union of India is averting the Northeast to keep the region as a frontier. The blatant error of its nation-building is best illustrated in the anarchic Manipur, where the contest for power between the military and the militants is playing havoc with the social, political and economic development processes. The solution or even the pursuit of a way out seems next to impossible.

Over the years, we have been observing several symptoms of this malaise called state. Politically so incorrect these terms are, but we cannot help anti-establishment ideologies taking roots; the negative progress of mutually exclusive histories of different groups of people; having redefined colonial occupation and military suppression; and other disgusting social mores.

The government is always at fault in these regards. Its employees are a disgruntled lot; it cannot utilise funds properly from New Delhi; and above all, …

the song of desires

bring me the guitar
let's while away this nightfall
of blood, hate and pain

we killed and murdered
we found blood and hate and pain
the night will be long

seemingly painful
it is to the night itself
ah! ingratitude!

now you sing the song
whilst i play the melodies
as the night hollers

wait for the morning
and we will begin afresh
new tunes, days and hopes.

Land Records: Some Manipuri Arguments Against India

An excerpt from A Paper On Questioning Political Solution in Armed Conflict of Manipur by Dhanabir Laishram, which appeared in the 6 July 2010 edition of the Imphal Free Press

Here, the author outlines the arguments put forward by insurgent organisations in Manipur, regarding the nature of the loss of sovereignty of Manipur:
1. The sovereign status of Manipur State had been recognised bilaterally when Manipur entered into Indo-Manipuri Friendship Treaty in 1762 AD.

2. The political sovereign and independence of Manipur had been officially recognised by both Burmese Government and the British Government as per the provision of the Yandaboo Treaty 1826.

3. After the military defeat of Manipur by the British army in 1891, the British Government did not annex Manipur to its empire; this itself gives testimony to the remitting independence of Manipur.

4. Despite the British and Indian interference in Manipur Affairs, Manipur became fully independent and sovereign on 15th August 1947 vide I…

Weathering the weather

“Whether the weather be fine, Whether the weather be not, Whether the weather be cold, Whether the weather be hot, We'll weather the weather, Whatever the whether, Whether we like it or not”
An anonymous saying
What is your ideal weather? I have a whale of a time in spring and autumn, when the thermometer sways between 20 and 25 degrees. There are places that enjoy such climes consistently throughout the year, but we need to take two factors into consideration if we prefer to spend our life there for always. First, we got to have a good job and secondly, the place should have a cosmopolitan character.

Everything comes with a price, not necessarily in monetary terms, rather strictly speaking, as in the moral science lesson of being discipline for achieving excellence. Certainly there are some things money can't buy.

So we were talking about the weather. Who says there is nothing wrong with the summers in New Delhi? John Ruskin made a blatant error when he said t…


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