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Ascii-tic Christmas Wishes

Every year Christmas reminds me of rum cakes, big chunks of pork, good and hard country liquor, old men coming down from the chilly Manipur hills to the Imphal valley for an overcoat or two and those bonfires, carols, catching up with cousins who are home for a vacation and and too many other happy moments though I do not belong to the segregated group of people called Christians.

If I have to put it down abruptly, it is ironical because I belong to a region where two foreign religions have taken roots at the cost of the natives’ identity and sense of belongingness. We like to treat each others from the perspectives of this newfound gloryof god albeit there are so many underlying narratives. Religion, in fact, is too political. But as a believer, who believe in the non-existence of god, I got some of the season’s best wishes and curses!

Here’s a collection:

Band-Aids, Bandages and Bastards

A reflection on the recent decision of the Manipuri government to create seven new districts amidst a beastly protest against the creation of two districts that the Nagas have been finding them as a pain in their ass

A people that elect corrupt politicians, imposters, thieves and traitors are not victims... but accomplices.
—George Orwell
Exactly one month after the announcement of the demonetisation policy on 8 November, the Manipur government under the leadership of Okram Ibobi has conducted a similar shock therapy by declaring the creation of seven new districts in the state. This comes when the Assembly Election is due in February next.

This creation has many implications. Officially, of course, it is for the administrative convenience and if we would love to believe in this template-rationale, it will bring more growth and development. This might as well be the most appropriate thing the government has taken up as it does away with the creation of region/district on the basis of …

Thoibi & Khamba

Editsplaining sexist grammar in English language

In English literature it is never Juliet and Romeo but Romeo and Juliet. For that matter, it’s never Majnu Laila in Persian or like in Meiteilon, never it is Thoibi  Khamba and never Teav Tum in Cambodian folklore but always the other way around. I presumed that it was just a convention: as we never say white and black but black and white; and that Romeo and Juliet is perfectly fine regardless of how much there is a meaning or not in a rose’s name.

Well, this means the man always comes first though vanity would dictate us to utter ridiculous expression like ladies and gentlemen on social occasions.

Comparatively, this is no different from how the Indians would worship all kinds of goddesses in gold-plated temples; for example out of the millions of them, Lakshmi is the goddess of wealth and Saraswati is the goddess of wisdom; however, when the male mortals reach home, they would thrash their wives, kill their daughters for family hono…

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