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It’s Not What It Looks Like

I have never heard the faintest sound 
    No young people, so hopeful, in their evening best
    Or the old, wise guys all covered for a winter day 
    Putting forward in tidy offerings
    What we win from finishing each other off;
But otherwise, the blood, the bombs and the bullets are too obvious

Have you, by any luck, get a line,
    Of clarion calls for cleanliness
    Of shrilling voices barking for self-righteousness
    All these cries for goodness’ sake in the courtyard
    When in all our own backyards—the shits galore
By mistake we might kill ourselves with sheer hypocrisy?

Listen to the lamentation
    The heartwrenching music around
    Against the beat of the army boots
    Against the gunmen’s tuneless strains
    Again it is no surprising
We live for the guns—see the teeming police, see the dogs on the streets

The taskmasters ruin the alcohol because it is evil
The taskmasters ruin the chemicals as well
The taskmasters control the world
The taskmasters are everywh…

For the Expert Committee

They talk so hard the stones cry
Like the words are space-shipped from Jupiter
Like the phrases are rocketed from Neptune
And I belong to one shitty corner of the Earth
And so foolishly I get nothing
Tho' they do say and they do talk
Like the world will become a paradise
In 200 minutes just when they stop talking
Oh, I don't get it
They say it is the way how it is

It is the way how we define articulation
It is the way how we will find the ultimate solution
It is the way of a civilised civilisation
Spins and more twists and more convolution
They say it is the constitution
They say it is the revolution
Hijacked words and phrases from Jupiter and Saturn
Oh, I need to go to the toilet
This desperate break!

Winter’s Coming

Winter’s coming
The robbers have no remorse for robbing
Just like the killers have no regret for killing
When the winter departs in its annual ceremonial way
Of our land, the robbers and killers will stay
No matter how much we long, that delays the winter
Seasonal greetings are independent of us, we know for sure

Winter’s coming
The big, big bags—oh, no more it is overbearing
Just like the open fields are helpless to the dew
The bags will find a corner so new
Empty and useless, a master has always a master
And stay, stay until the next year comes
And now, the moment of now sings its anthems

Winter’s coming
And the fragrance of love’s diffusing
And the stinks of guns and bombs—their frivolities
In the great collision we are lost in the alleys
And nobody has the heart to block
And nobody has the brain to talk
Winter might be afraid of spring, maybe not

Winter’s coming
Adding one more year to the old bone
Just like those mountain rivers groan,
The pleasure’s all ours
And it’s written o…

Homecoming in Six Notes


It is written all over, all over
When time negates all, but show I’m home
When, inside the old comfort zone is as clear as dear home
Outside when the crowd confuse
No more there is a worry
Of keys and locks; in making double sure
Of foreign eyes; racist sneers
No more nothing
But these unexpressed joys

The roads sway in November
And when I see them on rocking chairs
Little cold; little aged
And the unmatched greeting for homecoming
The whole world turns black
And all the lights focus, on my way
You do know one is not company
Yet it matters not,
I’ll be in the company of a world so familiar.

The way back home is always sweet
The freshness as the dewy morning grass in November
And you have all the expectations   
And you have all the entire world that adds to the heartbeat
You know it when you come home
But then familiarities breed bastards

And the colours are ever apparent every spring
And November is always with the winter
And the rain and mangoes have some secre…


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