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Thangja 2/2: Colours Can Change Your Life!

“Mere colour, unspoiled by meaning, and unallied with definite form, can speak to the soul in a thousand different ways.”

ps      and i just found boobs is a common element in the two thangja posts (see thangja 1/2: the heart has its reasons the balls know not)... i have no explanation... maybe it is the hunger factor: it is already 2 and i have not prepared my lunch... mother!!!

Thangja 1/2: The Heart Has Its Reason the Balls Know Not!

“Harrow the house of the dead; look shining at  New styles of architecture, a change of heart.”

For the Dogs

The dogs are barking
The dogs are barking loud
Those irritating, blaring industrial alarms
Those howling wild beasts are no match
The dogs are barking, they are barking loud
Right in the middle of the street
The dogs are barking tirelessly
The masters have clearly fed them all
The dogs are barking and I just want to kill them
For the meat buyers at Dewlahland

The dogs have guns
The dogs have machine guns
Might as well just fire than to bark
The dogs have machine guns so sophisticated
It’s only the masters’ nod they are waiting
The dogs are barking and the dogs have machine guns
If they must, shoot it at my ass
And I don’t give a rat’s ass
The dogs have guns; but maybe all they want are some meat
The dogs have bitches and bastards back in the doghouse

The dogs are barking and the dogs have machine guns
Along the serpentine roads their heads are bulging out
The dogs are parroting the master parrots
The master parrots are parroting the head parrots
And the head parrots are parroting th…

for the sake of love & living

it is hard to hold onto
gaseous eruptions inside the stomach but
it’s even harder , holding on desperately for love,
when you declare it yourself
—i might as well be prepared
the future is a smörgåsbord
of all things good and bad
when life’s calling puts a wall between us,
i can only wait
like the old shop owner expecting
the last bus to home.

i once knew a love
i saw it in a dove
it was made of a colourful dream
now almost brimming, overflowing the bad feelings steam
surely this is the sign of an impending thunderstorm
as inside me—every inch the insides start to deform
and the lightest of air is blowing me away
shouldn’t i even be worrying about the next payday?
only the morning knows what it misses 
when it is deprived of the its great toilet rushes.


Tongue-twisting Time!
Text from1st International Collection of Tongue Twisters

Give me the gift of a grip-top sock,
A clip drape shipshape tip top sock.
Not your spinslick slapstick slipshod stock,
But a plastic, ela…

Mid-week Life, Graceless: In Letters and Words

1⧮    Learn English the Manipuri Style Alphabets and the new vocabulary for the kids
2⧮    Unclichéing the Clichés A random collection of one liners distilled into minimal images

  --------✂-------✂------   --------✂-------✂------   --------✂-------✂------ 

Timeline Blues: Fading Lines Between Real and Unreal

If you are a fan of stories like Erich Maria Remarque’s All Quiet on the Western Front or Benjamin Bucholz’s One Hundred and One Nights, then we have an offer that you can rehear more original and realistic tales of violence and conflict, that too in real time. If you are also interested in writing a war novel, the plots are already set in a chronological order; and in the skeleton you will just need to build some meat that you can find effortlessly. All you have to do is to take a glance at a month’s headlines in newspapers published in Manipur, where diurnal lives have been reduced to an unrealistic story (see timeline below).

31 January 2015 RPF dismisses Dimapur police claim / Bandh calls off, JAC gives 15 days for probe / PLA's serial blast bid at Dimapur foiled / Kadangband incident: KIM, KSO condemn, support JAC / Lilong bodies condemn blasts / PREPAK (Pro) owns up Lilong attack
CBI Central Bureau of Investigation …

Old Wine, New Bottle: Armed Movements and Counter-insurgency

Separatist movements are a hard meat to chew in Northeast India, barring some of the corners in this ethnically diverse and trouble-torn region. Ethno-nationalism would beat the Westphalian concept hands down. The problems persist but a lack of imagination from legal governments (for we have little to do with the outlawed ‘illegal’ organisations) is glaring. In this mess, any new political rhetoric or new government has simply vanished into thin air but not before showing us some ridiculous promises—at least this has been the case all along. Still the high-profile visit of dignitaries of the union government in the provinces in the last couple of months has instigated more questions than an answer.    

Since the beginning of this year till February 19, there were 29 bomb blasts in different parts of [Manipur].... [The] failure of Manipur police demands serious introspection.... However, the police officer refused to give any comment on the question of whether there are any lapses in…

Proverbs: ‘Praman Panthei’ Expanded in Minimal Pictures

It all started with the essays on cows and postmen. It was not necessarily on the Hindu craps about cow, neither about the ubiquitous government’s India Posts but the topics per se. We started studying English as a second language from primary school and the methods were flexible, from learning the parts of speech to essay- and précis-writing. What’s prominent, as we reached higher grades, was those elaborations on proverbs and idioms—we call them praman panthei in our mother tongue—and more notable because we were too politically correct and the teachers were amused with our lies when, for example, we wrote we had to be as prompt as much as we needed to be reasonable because early to bed and early to rise can make a man healthy, wealthy and wise. We have understood their amusement and the irony all around now because early to bed and early to rise can only make a man an early man. And that’s why now again, it makes perfect sense when we say the gun is mightier than the pen.   

‘Chinglon Maapan’: Melodies from the Mountains

I have always been obsessed with mountains. Some mysteries are hidden in the layers of green all along. The beauty is almost overflowing from the highlands and this is evident from how the surrounding areas steal the limelight now and then. For instance, in my hometown, it is romanticised in music and literature that we are circled by nine ranges of hills on all four directions, though practically it means we are a fucked-up landlocked place overburdened with the crises of modern-day living and other such ass-smacking reasons related to politics and society. However, at the end of the day, no one can deny the natural richness that we have been endowed with. These images are an artificial recreation of that raw luxury. To conclude, art does imitate life, in an equal amount of our aspiration to imitate the best positive qualities of art in our decadent living.      

Old Men Never Die

One old man, two, three and four
Too many dysfunctional balls raise the snore
Like a whore you are selling your stories
For the cheapest buyers to the worshipers of boobies

Surely, you did this and you did that
Those are ancient history, my old dingbat
Your funny accomplishments imply nada
Nada, old men, nada—it’s only building up dilemma

For we know not the steps back, nor those forward
Like a drunkard, it’s only one-way homeward
Old men, die, you die and give us some space
No one cares what you did in 1980; get your chaise

History’s death. Conscience’s death. Society’s dead.
Take a long breath. And die a peaceful death.
Euthanasia. India. Coma. Burma. Gonorrhoea.
Enigma. Et cetera. It’s all messed up.

Seven Ages: first puking and mewling
Then very pissed-off with your schooling
Then fucks, and then fights
Next judging chaps’ rights
Then sitting in slippers: then drooling.

‘We’re in the News!’


It’s amazing that the amount of news that happens in the world every day always just exactly fits the newspaper. —JERRY SEINFELD
In communication studies, news values can be defined as the amount of significance a news story carries. Several factors, such as its timeliness, influence, prominence and human interest, among others, determine its worthiness. Nobody cares about your kids but it is always a front-page news when the son of a film star flopped in every movies. Slightly resembling this concept, media value can be defined, in this context, as the amount of a medium’s significance. In the last couple of decades, the exponential rise of satellite television, Internet and localisation of various media outlets have been the foundation on which this concept is built on.

We used to enjoy MTV but not anymore. Over the years, it had changed to MTV India and further into a reality TV channel. The unending Bollywood music 24x7 was…

Join Magazine Secy

This is a poem by Soibam Haripriya*. Illustrated for this blog.

In red
Deep left red
On the straw stuffed mud wall
He wrote:
Join RPF
Crossed it out
and wrote KYKL
The last
A hasty scribble
A witty retort
when in
advertising thus
for Kangleipak
A patrolling van’s headlights
Shone on the mud wall
And he perched
Nailed between
the black sorok nalla and the mud wall
Cornered thus
He wrote in red:
Join Magazine Secy 


* Soibam Haripriya blogs at

** RPF stands for Revolutionary People’s Front: the political wing of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) that was established under the leadership of N Bisheswar on 25 September 1978 in Manipur.

*** KYKL is Kanglei Yawol Kanna Lup, or the Organisation of Safeguarding Social Revolution in Kangleipak, Manipur. Formed in 1994, it is a breakaway group of the United National Liberation Front (UNLF)—the oldest militant group in Manipur formed in 1964 and which leans more towards building …

Bricks & Bouquets for the Look East Policy in Northeast India


Anybody would love to be a part of a powerful nation. It is human nature to locate our parts in a bigger whole. Nationhood and religion are some of the most common examples. If these parts find themselves in a condition where there are adjustments for space to accentuate growth and progress, there could be no better option. However in Northeast India, promises of the Look East Policy (LEP) have been creating a space for improvement in this region torn apart by armed movements, ethnic issues and multiple crises. The policy has offered some food for thought that invites as many bricks as the bouquets. The deliberations on Asian highways and transnational train services, as examples, are providing fresh hopes but these are just on the surface level.

The first exhaustive deliberation on the LEP with a fresh focus on the natives was initiated by the Centre of Alternative Discourse Manipur (CADM) in three editions of its theme-based quart…

Classical Elements 101

If there is one thing common to the universe, the concept of classical elements is one of the most prominent examples. In a world divided by artificial borders and devil-in-disguised belief systems, we have some hope—as evident from this concept, there are entities like universal values, the pale blue dot and Google that we share together. In Democracy as a Universal Value, Amartya Sen illustrates the meaning of universal value by referencing Mahatma Gandhi: when the latter was arguing that non-violence is a universal value, he was arguing that all people have reason to value non-violence, not that all people currently value non-violence.

Classical elements are the ancient equivalent of states of matter. In the concept, the Earth is the solid state, water the liquid, air the gas and fire the plasma. The only difference is in the categorisation that varies from one culture to another. Some of the well-known classical elements of different societies, including fictional accounts, are l…


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