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A personal take on the world of goodies offered by the world wide web through Internet Explorer, Firefox Mozilla, Opera and their company

Circa 2000, it arrived with a boom pulling Yahoo Messenger and mIRC in, now it is still going zooming across every one's life, regardless of any leikai or leibak you belong to. FYI, internet has redefined the essence of broadcast and transmission, from simple texting to sharing the ingredients of lafu-eromba with your friends. Circa 2010, the communication revolution has taken the world by storm. The size is getting bigger every time you hit the refresh button — with a whole new lexicon and mystifying acronyms being churned out each day. R8?

AFAIK, it took just five years for the internet to reach 50 million users. This same milestone took radio 38 years, and took television 13 years. This sensation was conceptualised during the heyday of the Cold War. Ever since the boom around the early 90s, there has been an exponential growth in the number of…

The Creed of Violence

“When liberty comes with hands dabbled in blood it is hard to shake hands with her.”
Oscar Wilde

History is witness to how we have used any accessible means, including violence, to achieve political goals. The study of changing times and places, however, shows every situation catapults stances that demand new game plans. However, there is an imperfection in yielding to these alternative tactics, as we have seen in Manipur, where chronic depression has torn apart the social fabrics. The reasons are diverse, and unfortunately, no solution are in sight. The conflict is sometimes observed as an inherent process of social change. At times, it crosses the fine line, coming down to organised crime, although those activities are often given a political orientation.

Violence has become a global phenomenon — in the past century — growing in alarming proportions across the globe. In the West, …

A momentary lapse of reason

............................................................................................................. Watch your thoughts; they become words.  Watch your words; they become actions.  Watch your actions; they become habits.  Watch your habits; they become character.  Watch your character; it becomes your destiny.  Frank Outlaw .............................................................................................................

I was still sweating when I woke up that cold day in December, and there was just one consideration on my mind. Do or die, but the day had to go away without using any substance. I had had it enough. However, between the options I was offered, the urge to go high was more vehement than the indifference of staying sober. The thoughts prompted by the ill-effects of using things that alter my mood had become an ostensible reason that I was not entirely mad and that there was some rationality left in my psyche. Otherwise, I cared for a shot first thing in the…

The day broke last Saturday

as recalled from Feb 13 2010                           
Feb 19 2010: Last week, I had a long, long day on Saturday. I had a decisive appointment in the morning, forcing me to get out of the bed around 7:30AM. Usually, I woke up around 9:30AM - 10:00AM. But I had to freshen up earlier and prepared myself for the meeting in Okhla, which was scheduled at 10:00AM. Every thing went off smoothly and I was on time for the rendezvous that lasted for nearly three hours. The result: I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

I headed to New Friends Colony for a quick lunch, and the couple of wine shops seduced me as I set out for home. I took a Kingfisher can, that was gulped while riding on a rickshaw, and an Old Monk bottle. I also went to a cyber café for netbanking. From the previous day, one of my cousins had been insisting me to lend him some bucks. However, it was already 1:30PM and the HDFC fund transfer facility was already closed for the day. He said he needed the money so bad, but I was he…

The prelude to my life


He lives the poetry that he cannot write. The others write the poetry that they dare not realise. Oscar Wilde

If the world is a stage, how I wish I had started my life after a dress rehearsal. For now, it seems like I'm standing at the apron, though fortunately, there is no spectator to laugh at my gaffe. The problem kicked off when I realise, I have been in the backstage all along. Maybe I have to learn the tricks of the trade and go, play a part better — a character that takes the best out from me. I always want to be the central character in the story of my life. But there is an ennui bred of merely watching the stage. There are so many things that we can do/become in life; and whatever you become, you can do many other things; and whatever you do, you can also become many other things. An offshoot from the stage-and-life parity is the narrative thread, which cohesively binds m…

Eigi eegi leibak

Hadak ingtham thada ei yoom thoklui. Yoom dagi leibak matum macha ama cherungda yommaga porak-a. Seireng asi leibak matum macha aduda kathok chabane. Eigi eegi leibak.

eigi eegi leibak
(ahanba saruk)

eigi eegi leibak
haana semba konna loiba

haana yeikhai thingaiba
konna hatok sunaba

haana saagi lamchat chatpa
konna hatok sunaba

haana choukri tanaba
konna hatok sunaba

haana senja-thumja touba
konna hatok sunaba

haana yengthinaba
konna hatok sunaba

haana utsinadaba
konna hatok sunaba

haana miwa taba
konna hatok sunaba

haana thee-yoong haanjinaba
konna hatok sunaba

eigi eegi leibak
eigi eegi leibak
eigi eegi leibak

haana eigi thamoibu thugaibiba
konna eigi pukningbu otpiba
eigi eegi leibak
haana segaiba konna loisinba.


Oijaba thijaba
(anisuba saruk)

Saagi lamchat chatpana kei' kanage
Hatok sunabana kei' kanage
Senja thumja toubana kei' kanage
Yeikhai thingaibana kei' kanage
Choukri tanabana kei' kanage

Loinasilonna keid…

Numitki mangalta ngairiba lamlanba

Famli eina chaoraba sorok asigi chidaisida
Inglaba numidang gi nungsitsinasu na yeirari fijol fajana thonba ngamdraba hakchang asida
Sandhyada takhhiba nongdunasu saruta ngairaba unsase pura chothanbire
Inglaba hakchang seeda sagatnaba tasinduna famjabani
Nokpiraganu eingonda amuk tolaba jibani haiduna
Nangna eingonda amuk utpiranu minungsi
Leitare eingonda apamba amata
Eina ningjabadi numidang asina loikhraga thoklakpa anouba numitki mangalta fangjabani.

On teachers' salary

It will take more time to see the light of a better future, regarding the education system in Manipur. It is almost taken for granted and we are waiting for only worst-case scenarios to reflect on the issue. Do you remember there are government ministry and departments in charge of the system? If they are gone hiding behind the Babupura buildings, then does it mean the civil society is solely responsible for looking into the issue? Or do we simply take refuge in hurling abuses at the authorities? The absurdities of life in our state is worth vilifying. I'm also responsible because I belong to this barbaric society. And I hate it.

The latest drama is the confrontation between school managements and the teachers over pay issue. Schools are closed. The posterity is always put at stake. Social mechanism breaks down more often than the number of fake encounters. Government loots. Militants loot. They fuck the land. Civil society is spineless. People are fools. Jungle life is what…


Ifthedevil does notexist, andmanhasthereforecreatedhim, hehascreatedhiminhisownimageandlikeness
fyodor dostoyevsky


A Trip Down Memory Lane

The images drift away
Each day, slowly and painfully and happily
The clock ticks every second
Every minute, every hour, every day
And the weeks and the months and the years
Slowly and painfully and happily
Of those moments so dear
Slipping back to my mind
Whilst I fail to recapture.

Hold back...
Yet how much could I...?
Yet how much could I...?

I feel happy
I feel sad
I feel proud
I feel embarrassed
I feel angry
I feel love
I feel hate
Yet I feel so attached.

Of memories that hold me dear
Ever and always.
And my possessiveness
Of memories that I cherish
Kill me
Ever and always.

Every man's memory is his private literature. Aldous Huxley

Name of the Game

“It may be that we are puppets-puppets controlled by the strings of society. But at least we are puppets with perception, with awareness. And perhaps our awareness is the first step to our liberation.”
 Stanley Milgram 

What's in a name... how we address other people? As a convention in our language, we have several prefixes that we use for speaking to our kins, friends and acquaintances. It is even considered as being indiscipline or rude if we don't know how to use proper names. But is it necessary that we use eche and eyamba or ene and kaka for everyone that we meet in our life?

It is a kind of standard procedure to make our system of exchanging ideas more significant. We could have call our parents by their names, while animals don't know their sibling's names. It's a privilege that we have, as a thinking animal, [a] to differentiate between those who saw the sun and the moon first, like we have ema, epa, eche/eyamba ; [b] to revere the people who have excelled…


u've gt msgd!
Some selection from my inbox:

1.(_!_) regular ass.
2. (__!__) fat ass.
3. ( ! ) tight ass.
4. (_ø_) sore ass.
5. (_e=mc2_) ?
a "Smart ass "! 
AMBRISH: Mr.Ali had 3 sons, named.. Harkat Ali, Rehmat Ali & Barkat Ali, When 4th & 5th son were born, Ali's wife decided to name them


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