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Mien & Meaning

(An Evening’s Account from the Leikai Tales of M/S SK, MK & Bros.)

SK slipped and fell into the canna-filled drain
His brother betted he’d be up in twenty minutes
You know, only six pegs he had had this morning,
But they are too poor for the local’s tittle-tattle
Maybe except when he’d kill a local moneybags’ bastard
So it doesn’t matter: twenty minutes or twenty days
As long as there is no general strike in his hopeless name.

MK said he saw his neighbour’s wife
He said he had no time to worry for his brother
He said his brother is a disgrace
But we should care about their neighbour’s wife
She always comes home at the oddest hour
He saw her last evening when he was returning home
He says there are new imported items around the Victory Cinema.

And all the men of the whole town gathered:
There’s a new kwa-seller in the market
Some people say she is a pimp and she looks forty
Some people say she is waiting for her clients and she looks thirty
A rat’s ass I would give if not for the kwa
I got a whole wo…

Pictures in Words

On Sundays I sing
All the songs of liberty;
The chains of weekdays.

Irony in May

The Indians have a hard-on for both temples and mosques
The Americans yonder from Europe hate the immigrants
The army dies for civic action programmes
A doctor was hospitalised; overdosed in junk at BOC
The experts gathered at a five-star hotel to preach on poverty
The godman was accused of raping his disciples
And all I want is love and all I do is hate.            7

The thief is the killer
The killer is the politician
The politician is the ruler
The ruler is the ringmaster
The ringmaster is the thief,
And all I dream is to kill them
And all I think about is mayhem
And all I long for is nonviolence.                15

The soldiers are gunmen, the gunmen the soldiers
The rebels are businessmen, the businessmen the rebels
The judges are the executioners, the executioners the judges
The leaders are the liars, the liars the leaders
The people are animals, but the animals are not people
And all I try is to become an animal
And all the animals are reluctant to take me in
And all the anim…

Too Much Love Will Kill You

A drink a day
A shot a day
Like a love a day,
But too much love will kill you,
It’s no lamentation of lost love
It’s neither memory nor a story
It’s all dependency, all everywhere,
As of a slave to its master
As of a day’s call for its vile thrill,
A drink a day
A shot a day
More drinks and more shots
And it matters not, a day or a night,
A day or a night or twenty-bloody-four hours
And too much love will kill you
And if you don’t die, you live no more. 


Nungsijao Haiku


Tomorrow’s all set
It will come with new stories
New love and all new

I waited for you
Like Thibobi waits for funds
—Do nothing but wait

I have lost my way
I might defeat Sisyphus
Now nothing matters

It’s pain or pleasure
And halfway a tedious life
Seek only pleasure

Alas! There’s no rule,
I long to value my love;
The days, depressing

Love is a junk shot
Kill yourself, destroy yourself
Live for living’s sake

A shot a day a
Drink a day, a loss a day
The crisis breaks loose

Heroin or whisky
Imagine love or just show
You only live once

Cold, atop the hills
Hungry, way down the valley
Let’s flee to the Moon

If only you are
Happy, if not only you
Visit Sadness-lane

Agony and me
Aimless and us; nihilists
Suffering’s meanings

I skipped lunch for you
Even the morning toilet
And you left alone

When you’re angry
I can understand your rant
Do take a deep breath

And I surrender
I take refuge in your world
Pity homelessness


Check The meme-mised hai…

2/2 Monday Motivational Images


1/2 Monday Motivational Images

I saw this series of motivational images first on 9Gag ( but the graphics were not good enough, in fact those are miserable comparatively to the sayings of the finest quality. No moral science books can inspire you so virtuously as these quotes. Then my over-smartness took over... And here those are: a dozen of redesigned and retitled Monday motivational images for the unmotivated (Note: some of them have been tweaked here and there from the original text).

Check 2/2 Monday Motivational Images

Aye Sunday! Top 5 James Bonds on the Basis of Salary

My name is Bon. Sing-gum Bon.

One of my teachers used to say that tomorrow never dies so die another day. A very postmodernistic wordplay it is and it kind of stuck in the brain because it sounds so funny. But when it comes to films, specifically James Bond movies, Sean Connery is my today’s favourite (it might change to some other tomorrow!) though Pierce Brosnan has stolen the limelight by taking the maximum moolah. He has grabbed three positions among the five. Lastly, Roger Moore will always remain the worst with his dry humour. 

★ All the amounts are in millions
★ The amount is adjusted with the value of dollar in 2005
(Source: Wikipedia)

On Revolt and Rebellion

Life is rebellion. It is inevitable even if we think living and making a living should always be as simple as possible. Who on Earth will not want to live an easy and comfortable life but sometimes, you are left with little option but to rebel. You will understand it better if you know how life is about in an armed-conflict region.

2/2 Uninvited Design: Popular Book Covers

The covers of this book are too far apart. —Ambrose Bierce

1/2 Uninvited Design: Popular Book Covers

There are books of which the backs and covers are by far the best parts. —Charles Dickens

Of Half Stories & Half Characters

You’ve become so obnoxious in your obsession
You’re going mad with the never-ending death in your own lap
Telling me the tales of doom
At all times you have a new tale or two—each new day, 

You would have been a nagging spouse.
But me, I’m running out of patience with your motif
Blood, bombs, bullets and more blood, bombs, bullets,
If you must, do tell me about your lilies and orchids

Tell me about your mountains and your lakes and your love
Again, I’m sick of your tales of doom
I’m sick of your tales of doom; please stop reciting,
I hear about you in others’ narratives too

All along your obsession as much as in your story-telling
It’s to be the main character; but it’s just been absurd
While with ease, you have proven the relativity of the universe:
The more you want, the less you have

And it has been all plain: how you have been footnoted
Depreciated downrightly even in their dénouements,
You’re only good in being the insignificant static character
Albeit you still do a lot b…

Alternative Iconoclasm: The Essence of Revolution in the Revolution

Politics is just show business for ugly people.
—Jay Leno
The title might misidentify this write-up as a review. In Revolution in the Revolution?, Régis Debray, the French author, wrote elaborately on the revolutionary movements in Latin America. However, this article—taking its essence from the book—concerns with a theory of alternative iconoclasm in the 21st century, specifically relating to my hometown where ceaseless armed conflicts have ravaged the region for the last six decades and more.

For starters, this was what Jean Paul-Sartre, the other legendary Frenchman, had to say about the Debray’s book: ‘Régis Debray has been arrested by the Bolivian authorities, not for having participated in guerrilla activities but for having written a book, Revolution in the Revolution?—which “removes all the brakes from guerrilla activities”.’

The intention of this piece is succinctly mentioned in one of the lines of Martin Glaberman’s review of the book: ‘(Debray) wants the total defeat of…


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