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The Peacemaker


One for the Road

Somewhere Along the Road 
to Nowhere in the Middle of a Night

A tribute to some nameless highway  corners on the Imphal-Jiri lambi, commonly known as NH53 or  the New Cachar Road

A Google map showing the NH53, passing through Sagolband, Nungba and others

In the morning, the afternoon and the evening,
never have they stopped turning me upside down;
On the glaring eyes of cameras
On the notepads of the newspapermen,
I was stripped naked and again ruthlessly clothed,
And the world that wanted to console with me and show their empathy,
I bore only in my feelings — the sensation of impuissant that I loathed.
I had lost the sense of beauty a long time ago
I would shudder in the darkness alone, which I have got used to,
from those times they started campaigning, politicking
And ever I ignore the lifelikeness of life
— the humanity and civilization,
for all I long now is the triumph of Sensibility.
So what if I'm not a mortal,
I do hear the wailing.
When the bombs blasted, when your folks got k…

The abstraction of unity




Between the lines

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Success sutra

Whatdo youthink you need to succeed in life? Hard work? Intellect or ability? Luck? Perhaps we need all of these to make a name for ourselves in the family and society at large — and most significantly, to discover the essence of our life and existence. This piece will examine these three factors as the means to success as opposed to sifting it through as the end to speculate on its substance. Precisely, there will be no utterance on Bill Gates or Anil Ambani but how the path to success is seen, by virtue of the three factors, from a personal experience. 

There are several adjectives to describe a hard-working person, albeit their nuances make a difference. A peep into any workplace gives us terse, and often witty perspectives on how this quality is valuable or unproductive. Some would pray for stronger backs than for lighter burdens, but again, “If hard work were really a virtue,” according to  others, “then asses would be saints.” From these opposing views arise the varying shades,…

Bastardising the Belief of Brotherhood

Is there any practical expression of the concept of fraternity and brotherhood in contemporary times? 

Growing up in a regressive society with multiple ethnic insurgencies, we have seen this ideal notion of man — one of the guiding principles of the illustrious French Revolution — is seemingly full of holes. Its fallaciousness becomes more accentuated when goals of homelands and protests for political emancipation overlap each other, overriding each other's interests and breeding communal hostility. The absurdity has reached its damnedest; and the idea of brotherliness has gone behind the times, except finding its favour in some theological seminars and secretly, in a literal manner, in skull sessions and the agitprop of 'clandestine' organisations.

We are never so rational, often guided by animal instincts and are wrapped up in ourselves that the world is ostensibly what we think it is. In this regard, the concept of brotherhood is quite alive and functioning for we belie…

The Dissected India

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