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Committed: My Tribute to Sylvia's Tulip


Diary of a Slug IV

Life is, for sure, filled with unexpected turns – for better or for worse. And ii is being made more conspicuous in the last couple of years or so. Last time when I left home, I was still baffled by the various junctions of my journey, which has its fair share of the good, the bad and the ugly. I have passed through the test and here I am, willing to disclose the trials and tribulations just for the heck of it. Life has strange twists and turns.

It has got me here even before I realise I have to be here!

I'm not going to complain about the difficulties in the journey again. Rather I'm glad what I'm today personally (yeah, I do have to try improving myself!) – five years ago and five years down the line, I'm now in the middle of the junction. The vistas of the bygone days, which were full of living nightmares and accentuated by my substance abuse days, while on the other hand, the hopes and new horizon brought about by the new life, are creating mixed feelings.

These d…

Internet Cookies


PROBLEM: Cookies are short pieces of data used by web servers to help
identify web users. The popular concepts and rumors about what a
cookie can do has reached almost mystical proportions,
frightening users and worrying their managers.
PLATFORM: Any platform that can use a modern web browser.
DAMAGE: No damage to files or systems. Cookies are only used to identify
a web user though they may be used to track a user's browsing
SOLUTION: No files are destroyed or compromised by cookies, but if
you are concerned about being identified or about having your web
browsing traced through the use of a cookie, set your browser to
not accept cookies or use one of the new cookie blocking
packages. Note that blocking all cookies prevents some online
services from working. Also, preventing your browser from
accepting cookies does not make you an anonymous user, it just
makes it more difficult to track your usage.
VULNERABILITY The vulnerability of systems…


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