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Private and Public Property

Private Investigations IV

The conflict of living in a world of commodities
commodity |kəˈmäditē| Ω (n.) A parcel or quantity of goods. Ω (n.) Convenience; accommodation; profit; benefit; advantage; interest; commodiousness. Ω (n.) That which affords convenience, advantage, or profit, especially in commerce, including everything movable that is bought and sold (except animals), -- goods, wares, merchandise, produce of land and manufactures, etc. ____________
We have so many needs in life, not to mention those ceaseless wants, while getting fed up of living in a world flooded with commodities. It is a dilemma.
You may interprete as man is born free but everywhere he is chains. Often we cannot ignore the temptations provided by free-market economy, though our wants are masked by mere frustration at times. Maybe we might have been in another frame of reference, if we were some spoiled brats of the Ambanis or the Murthys.
Life in a metropolitan has accentuated the predicament. In our heart, we care…

Private Investigation IV

O Brother, Where Art Thou

An atrocious conflict between vested powers in Manipur, where a dark horizon ever looms over the nine hill ranges, is blocking the path to glory. Modern societies are thriving on the fruits of human intellect, however our thoughts are unforunately, engrossed in petty affairs of corruption, violence and savagery.

Contemporary Manipur, much to our dismay, presents the best-case scenario of human decadence. The place is riddled with a situation, where there is no solution to any problem, while every problem has its deep-rooted causes and their unrestraint effects. How do you explain the sheer lack of political will or the identity crisis, for that matter? People are proud of their land, while they are confused, finding no substance in the legacy.

We need to overhaul the system completely. No foreign ideologies could replace the thoughts that are needed to dispel the myths and misconceptions. What we need is a revolution in the…

Private Investigation Version III

The Road to Freedom

IT WAS A BAD DAY, AND I was annoyed, I was frustrated and I was confused as I stood begging them for a pill that would subdue my urges. But the supervisor of a detox camp, where I was taking a daily harm-reduction pill from, insisted I should bring along a guardian they could trust to hand over the medicines. I knew I had to get rid of the substances before I start my life afresh.

I was leaving home to pursue a career outside the town and was requesting for a stock, at least, to fight my powerlessness over drugs. Leave alone, giving a thought or planning for the journey I was about to embark! It was no more an issue the skeptical guy trust me or not Đ for, well, a junkie is a junkie. A shot was all I needed; if not, this chemical I desperately wanted to possess.

It was a do-or-die situation, I thought. Those time I wish I could break his shoulder blades, as I was so desperate and the only thing he wanted was someone, accompanying me whom he could trust. Unfortunately…

Private Investigation II

The Great Puppet Show

It is funny how a government can be ridiculed in the valley, and observe the desperation they are showing overtly to keep their masters happy.

Recently, the Manipur govt has been on a drive to arrest and have already taken in custody, several leaders of the Apunba Lup, an umbrella organisation of 32 socio-political and cultural fronts. Police charge they are sympathisers of militant organisations, having close links with the rebels. However, the Lup denies the allegation, citing their role in campaign against state terrorism, had infuriarated the establishment.

Might is right, as the saying goes. In contemporary Manipur, the utter lack of justice is sometimes seen as a period of transition, while no one knows what lies in store for the people. Power lies in the barrel of a gun, and authority lies in the group who can speak loudest, no matter what the consequences are.

It is even more interesting, how the SPF Govt has been in power, am…

I am what I think I am


I am two men: one wants to have all the joy, passion and adventure that life can give me. The other wants to be a slave to routine, to a normal life, to the things can be planned or achieved. The meeting of these two men is a game with serious risks. A divine dance. When we meet, we are two divine energies, two universes colliding. If the meeting is not carried out with due reverence, one universe destroys the another�.

Inspired by Paul Coehlo


Fighting for the frontier

China and India Dispute Enclave on Edge of Tibet This is an American-centric news report, featured in the New York Times on September 3. The overt analysis has a tinge of vilifying China, which would somehow bring a smile on the mainland Indian's face. I read it for I feel the pain of the people, residing in the frontier area. 
I can relate to the problem – while we have studied from Class VI in our Civics about living in a democratic country, it is  frustrating the system has been trying to veil our views.   
Here's the report:

TAWANG, India — This is perhaps the most militarized Buddhist enclave in the world.
Perched above 10,000 feet in the icy reaches of the eastern Himalayas, the town of Tawang is not only home to one of Tibetan Buddhism's most sacred monasteries, but is also the site of a huge Indian military buildup. Convoys of army trucks haul howitzers along rutted mountain roads. Soldiers drill in muddy fields. Military bases appear every half-mile in the countrysi…


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