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On the Shaky Foundations of Politics

When we start from a wrong premise to solve a public issue in Manipur, it creates more questions than answers; and yes, there are reasons galore to prove it

Our lives are but a house on a shaky ground. We also do stand like a house but it’s just a matter of one shitstorm per season that hurls our collective life into a whirlpool. Presently we are facing the shitstorm of the Inner Line Permit System. However, I’d like to begin with another issue. One Manipuri troglodyte, who is affiliated to an Indian mainland student’s organisation, wrote on some online platform that the incumbent ruling party at the centre, BJP, does not care about racism—just because she is the self-styled secretary (or whatever) of that organisation.

I have no idea where she was born in or where she grew up but it sounds like she was raised away from home. There’s an expression for describing her kind of folk: ‘people from a hinterland who grew up eating burgers’. Such an assertion would be absolutely normal if it…

The Meat of the Matter

Eating meat is not necessarily about ‘natural, normal, necessary and nice’ but there are other factors on why we eat it and why we don’t

There is no love sincerer than the love of food.
― George Bernard Shaw, Man and Superman

There is a secret for the vegetarians in our town and I’m not responsible for spilling it out. The silent fry: Anything made with fish is ‘not’ non-veggie. Fish are no meat. Nothing’s fishy here because we are a ngari- or fermented-fish-eating people and life is almost impossible without bits and pieces of fish in our daily plate of rice and dishes. As found in others’ kitchens and menus, a lot of people in east India and the surrounding areas also have the same ‘vegetarian’ habit.

For me I’m a meat-eater and more interested in knowing the ethics of all these eating ‘stories’ rather than, say, listening to my mother explaining the nuances of a catla or mrigal delicacy, separating the differences as much as there is in being a vegan and a vegetarian. Truth be tol…

Race, Sex, Nationalism, Identity and Over-flooding Cum

In Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind, Yuval Noah Harari wrote, a lakh of years ago, there were roughly six different species of humans on this planet. He sorted out carefully the groups and came to a conclusion about how we emerged as the the only self-styled intelligent being and what happened to the others of lesser gods that had vanished into thin air. And further, Dr Harari went on, with ‘scientific’ evidences, how we would be living as an intelligent animal in the future.

As so much relative as our universe, another Western author, Bill Bryson, had came up with a book A Short History Of Nearly Everything, in which the author attempts to find what really happened between the Big Bang Theory and now. Again, this reminds me of Guns, Germs & Steel - The Fates of Human Societies written by Jared Diamond and A Brief History of Time: From the Big Bang to Black Holes by Stephen Hawking. Apparently, human beings, after calling themselves as the superior animal, are trying to pro…

Theatre Report

This is a translation of Yumlembam Ibomcha’s Manipuri poem, Theatre-gi Report from an anthology of poems by ten Manipiuri poets, Atoppa Khonjel: Manipuri Seirenggi Khomjinba Lairik (The Other Voice: A Collection of Manipuri Poems), which was published by the Naharol Sahitya Premi Samiti in 1975

The other day
In front of the Usha Talkies
The lifeless helloi* was standing
Unaware of her nakedness, nonchalantly
Impassive of your presence
In front of everybody around

Mad Madhab
Whistling ceaselessly
He yelled unendingly:
‘Civilisation! Civilisation!’

And the sensible-looking young man
—the bald young man, around-the-clock
He was winding his watch
Never knowing its coil was broken

The girl at the theatre
The doe-eyed dame
And a bit terrified
        Oh, yes, she was pretty!
        Oh, yes!
        Such a heartbreaker!
Someone had said:
        Why be afraid
        Cool down

And from the beginning the hero
He was tolling the bell
Sweating and incessantly
But there was…

A Brief Story of Soft Concrete

Concrete as a symbol of destruction
Where is the love to be found?
Won’t someone tell me?
’Cause my (sweet life)
Life must be somewhere to be found
(Must be somewhere for me)
Instead of concrete jungle,
Where the living is hardest
— Bob Marley, Concrete Jungle

If there is one element, regardless of its pros and cons, which depicts socio-economic growth then it should be ‘concrete’. The paste of cement and water, the aggregate, it is the epitome of urbanisation—the icon of growth and development in the 21st century. Before you realise it, as exceptions prove the rule, this epitome or icon has changed course and become a symbol of decay.

Here’s the reason.

The Meiteis, a majority of which reside in the Imphal valley, number just around a million. The number might explain why the entire race would follow together any trend that-be: you open a chicken centre and there will be another 10 guys in a locality selling roasted and fried chicken. If you open a Photostat shop, again another 10…

july, haiku avenue 3953


eat a minister
punish a few commandos;
an army dinner

listen to pop songs
check if your poop is normal

those in newspapers,
fried and dried the local style
—wailings and whimpers

it’s the present trend
everything’s up for a price
how much is your life?

add one hundred ten
and a thousand professors
teachers in our butts

it’s getting too much
the masturbating teachers
please go fuck yourself

too hot to protest
the summer’s as hot as fuck
form a J-A-C

how much will it costs
for every fart on your face?
ask the contractors

india got caught
in monkey business and craps;
the constitution

the governor chilled,
he got the nicest handjob
from homo alley

a nephew’s got drug
why would you need landhoni?
—the thoubal village

Scatological Blues

the big doctors fainted
and the small doctors fainted
and all the doctors fainted

all they used to get were real brains
around the all-familiar mortuary of the land sees
thousands of similar death and all

but the day was all different
the big king had died
the big king of the land had died

all they used to get were real brains
they opened the big king’s brain
again all they used to get was real brains

but the big king got dung — a heap of dung for his brain
the brainmaker god must be smelling dung
the doctors fainted smelling the dung

thousands of big men of the land
they are gifted with dung on their brains
the dung is scattered everywhere in this land 

The Brown Substitute for the White Raj

The Assam Rifles left the historic Kangla Fort in 2004 in the wake of a popular uprising. In the same year, AFSPA was revoked from Greater Imphal or the seven assembly constituencies. As in a natural order of filling in a vacuum, the Manipur police commandos have taken over the role of the army and paramilitary forces in the valley. What we see is just the change of uniform: from camouflage to the khaki and the cases of high-handedness and crime continue unabated.

Though professionally antagonistic, the commandos are also well complemented by the VDF, at least in spreading state terrorism. The revocation of the draconian armed forces’ act has not given a sigh of relief leave alone the sense of security. It is paradoxical for we have one of the highest concentrations of security forces in this highly militarised democratic hinterland and the least we have is the feeling of security.

Likewise, when the British left the erstwhile kingdom of Manipur after 56 years of colonisation, the I…

‘Kangla Ngakouta’ Annual Awards of Achievement

By a Special Correspondent

IMPHAL WEST,22 July: In a first of its kind, the Kangla Ngakouta Canned Fish Inc has successfully organised an annual awards of achievement. The incumbent chief minister Okram Ibobi Singh has won the man of the year award; and 14 other winners in diverse areas of public interest also won prizes at the holy event.

A press release from the Kangla Ngakouta indicates the jury has selected only original natives (except in the category of the Samaritans of the Year) in consideration of the award as a moral support to the existing campaigns of the Inner Line Permit System.

•    Man of the Year: Okram Ibobi for remaining as close to 15 years as a slave master of the region and his mastery over property as in buying as many as plots of land as he can in prime locations around the Imphal town and beyond

•    Woman of the Year: Mary Kom for her nomination into the upper house of the Indian parliament and if we go by insider reports and if the Kangla Ngakouta survives, …

The Ultimate Hand Job

Spoiler Alert    No video clip is posted here and no text has been sexualised to help you get relaxed

I have got a new phone. I considered if I don’t tell it on social media, it will be worthless. I feel like: If you take a selfie in a forest and nobody’s there is to see the selfie, would it still be a selfie? To accentuate the worth of my phone, and to confirm it, I took a couple of photos of my left palm/arm. If you are Sherlock Holmes, you can easily deduce that I’m right handed. Fuck Sherlock Holmes but adding a few make-ups to these dirty palms and hands will make it quite a post-work work. So here’s it is: A collection of hand-job graphics and a manifestation of the real versus the reel.

And the Buddha reckons:

Questions of the Millennium

In school we were taught to question; the more the better. Teachers would try to convince us by narrating the anecdotes of Albert Einstein who would ask so many questions, so much so that he realised what was more enlightening was a question rather than an answer. Francis Bacon, we found years later, had made it very fancy by stating like: A prudent question is one-half of wisdom.

It was a sort of blind faith, which we internalise it but it does make a lot of difference. Now we even know the sun does not rise in the east and set in the west but it is Earth that revolves around our lone super star and in opposite direction the process causes dawn and dusk. Education can sometimes kill our common sense.

In this context, nonetheless, there are also questions that would make Einstein cry and fry Bacon... Here is the list of ten questions that will challenge your very existence. This collection of questions was sourced from everywhere on the WWW.

Revolution Point Zero

Nowadays, amongst the Manipuri public, just the nationalist-minded people* support the armed movement struggling for the right to self-determination.

[* By nationalists, we are referring to those in Manipur and they are totally different those Modi- and Bharat-worshipping fanatics and liberals in mainland India. For that matter, we have nothing to do with the latter in this context today.]
Nonetheless the movement has been going on from the last five to six decades albeit a likely resolution is still infinitely beyond the horizon.

Others from the public are fed up of the armed organisations, which are digging their own graves, through their lack of vision and goals. However, if truth be told, this lack of confidence owes to the relentless activities of the insurgents that go against the interest of the people whom they are claiming to fight for.

To take an example, the loss of confidence is most apparent from the formation of the Village Defence Force, popularly known as the VDF.…

Tender Loving Derrière

CM reviews Tamenglong-Khongshang road, re-tender held
15 July 2016 The Sangai Express

Imphal, July 14 2016: Even as the National Highway Infrastructure Development Corporation Limited (NHIDCL) held re-tender for construction of the Tamenglong-Khongshang road yesterday, Chief Minister O Ibobi held a review meeting about the road construction project today. ...Work order for [this] construction [...] was earlier given to a Ghaziabad-based company, Woodhills, but the bank guarantee furnished by the company was found to be [forged].

Here’s a good news but what is it?—that the authority is taking a rare proactive response or that the project will now be given to a more honest or accountable construction firm?

It’s none of the above. The good news is that the Woodhills does ‘exist’ and in its own words, it ‘is a leading construction and infrastructure company providing value-added engineering, construction and service skills’ and based in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh. Now, we have to go back a…


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