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UFO Sightings in Manipur

Disclaimer: This article is not meant for sci-fi fans nor it is related to Raëlism.
UFOs are synonymous with mystery. But here, we are concerned with a group of people — abbreviated for the Universal Friendship Organisation; a Manipuri cultural front, which is equally mysterious if we go by popular beliefs. Popularly known as the Sat-jal, they are guided strictly by the philosophies and ethics of the Meitei, an ethnic group that dwells in the valley areas of Manipur and are scattered along the Northeast India, Bangladesh and Myanmar. The UFO exists for a socio-cultural revolution, but tagging any label would amount to clubbing them under a mainstream category that its members are resistant to. Like the Sophists in the ancient Greece, the UFO doesn’t have written literature but rely on the age-old oral tradition. One of their main objectives is the preservation of Meitei identity. It is totally another thing, whether you believe in them, or you find them absurd; like every entity that …

The Triangular Cycle of a Worker

Four years on, I'm digging deeper into the world of work. Ironically, it is getting more interesting and it is legal. I have always sensed a feeling of being gobbledegook, no wonder why. This interest is driving me to continue my journey and it is clear, from here and there, how much I'm devoted to my work.

I have found another fact about our work. In the most scientific explanation of a profession, there is a triangle out of which you can choose two and only two points. This graphic is inspired by an image, which have been shared more than a thousand times on Facebook.

The triangular cycle of a worker (Possible Combinations)
Interesting - Legal - Money Interesting - Money - Legal Legal - Money - Interesting Legal - Interesting - Money Money - Legal - Interesting Money - Interesting - Legal
Precisely, if you find your job interesting and legal on one hand, you will also find the absence of another engine that makes you going. And on the other hand,  if you find it financially …

RGB, CMYK and Other Related Things

The red wants to be
the green that wants to be
the blue that wants to be the red
In an eternal vicious cycle,
The things revolve
So are the people
From the first floor
Ascends to the second
The textbook mentions it is natural
The cycle of the world;
I'm left with no chance to know
What is not natural:
Hunger is natural;
A bomb blast is natural;
Is the government natural,
It looks not, with its unnaturalness.

Still the cyan wants to be
The magenta that wants to be
The yellow that wants to be
The black that wants to be the cyan,
Not neccesarily in this order, though.

Our life is in circles
From birth to death via living.
And we want it, necessarily in an order
Of the lowest to the low
From the high to the highest;
Is this circular reason why
The earth rotates around itself
And making it more circular
Around the sun it revolves?

This bit is boring
This routine is unamusing;
Though we are allowed to choose
To live. In death lies the answer;
Life is a problem of rotation a…

Monkey Business, Serious Happiness

Should I worry not, ever should I be
How I wished to be the white ibis
It is not freedom that it soars into
Like I used to feel about
Nay, it just flies like the smoke
Drifted from nicotine-stained lips
Just like a dog barks, just like anything
How I used to want to be everything
Now I am giving up
All the things:
bleak streets and
heart troubles and
lamentation and
medication and
rogue regimes and
temporary shelters and
Now I submit myself to happiness.
Should I never be the tree
Should I be as always as the monkey
My business deals with serious happiness. 

The Karate Chop of a Comma

How living is entirely different from earning it as much as living is from making a living!

People do different things to earn a livelihood, with their beliefs in how they fit themselves around the scheme of things in life and their world. Some build house, some design it, some treat sick people, some teach, some preach while my job is to find errors and mistakes in what others write. Yes, I seek and dig into others' works, not for any gem hidden in them but to fix defective sentences, link missing thoughts and disallow people from molesting the punctuations; in short, I check for flaws that lie unexpectedly like a dog crap that we would very seldom slip onto. But this does not mean I'm a wordsmith who can weave fine linens of good writing. As I said, this is just a job; sometimes hastily done and accomplished with sadistic pleasure, with a tick on each box of the grammatical checklist. Above all, all my business is in a language I don't speak at home, but which I had l…

Puff, Powder, Power, People and Puke

At the mountains of marijuana
The military plays hide and seek with the guerilla
In the hills of heroin, the poppy fields bloom
Like Mao's a thousand flowers but in gloom;

A thousand of marijuana joints march
A million of skin the heroin shots parch
Atop the mountains and the hills' circus
The theatre curtain is so obvious

As the blood-stained curtain spreads slowly in the valley,
So clearly too, does each on their own. The absurdity.


   Some haikoo I found hiding inside my ooppoo   

It is still so hot
They have the fan and ac
And I walk in nude.

these guys in sea green
they are serving the nation
Disguised as rapists

in whisky bottles
lie all the joy and sorrow
liver cirhossis

with rum and vodka
many winters drank and puked
the spring’s hangover


6:36 AM…

Five Reasons Why I Blog

It's easy to tell you why I love blogging. It is fun and is a nice place for free expression. Write, create and post anything you like, without no disturbance, and around here there will be no nosy bosses or fussy clients who know only how to show their arses for free. (Hi manager! Blogging ain't no striptease!)

Then I also have prose and poems I like to share online. So this is it. Last night, I had noted down the five points on why I love blogging, and had created this image, yet my indecisive mind prompts me these reasons might not be true tomorrow and I might find some other points why I love blogging. I do have this same problem in other places like choosing my favourite songs and bands. Some days I love the ''us' bands, and on other days, the 'them' songs. The psychology people (are they called psychologist, saikratist or cyclelogist?) — they say 99.99% of the impulsive people are always smoker, but I don't know how much it is true for bloggers. …

Let Me Lay Eggs

I lay eggs, lay eggs
only inside the coop
I lay eggs, only eggs;
when you march down the street
protesting for peace, shouting slogans
I was as usual laying eggs.
Shame, it is a shame
I cannot even do what I have to do
You must carry on
I swear in the name of my unborn chicks:
The cocks surely the dopeheads
The hens beautifully the whores.
All the cocks and the hens of the land;
All the time I'm laying the eggs
I have grown tired of your intelligence
of your 10,000-page filled brain
of advance education
of serving and sacrifice
of poor people, oh! Pity that!
But I have to lay the eggs.
Lay eggs;
Nothing but
Lay eggs.

9:45 PM 9/6/2012

Age No Bar

‘In our days, we used to respect our elders, had discipline, and were afraid of the seniors; but nowadays the kids are just spoilt. Damn it!’

This is one of the most redundant statements we have been told, ever since we learnt what the old people only want is to give us lecture on duty and obedience. The society is strange to me, because it rewards only those people who do what other people tell them what to do. Let me obediently take some examples.

Sample this. Most people were obedient and dutiful in my hometown in those days. We believe it because we are told so. (Come on, we are not that kind of punk who hate the old folk and defy every rule!) But how come we are living in such a shit-hole now? Is their obedience the reason why we are submitting ourselves to the sorry state of affairs? The government officials loot the public exchequer to buy gold for their wives, luxury cars for their sons and branded bras and panties for their daughters. Is their dutifulness the reason why there…

school, college and university

it comes as a surprise
though much stabbing had i done
them the annoying
yet i got a career in the government
now even my life is insured
now have i set the plans
for my unborn child,
for my inevitable marriage
but the worms eat into the brain and the bone
and how am i suppose to lie
i was once so angry
now i have nothing against the government
i have a job in the government
and i wear a new tie every day.

Accuse Me Not

I will listen to you
I have told you already
I will sleep with you
I will by heart your protest slogans
I know how you used to shout:
To hell with the state,
And put a condom over its head;

but honey, I'm not an activist
don't you turn your back, now, on me;
Me, is just a man on the street
This world a mess, we know
Still I believe your words All I can do is to masturbate
Your protest slogans turn me on,
And feel the freedom with the scum
I look up to your 1,000 km high ideals
But honey, I'm not an activist.
I'm only worried about India I will get the money to help the helpless like me
I will share the feeling for the sick people like you;
Even if I hate all the people alike Even if I hate your over-sized breasts
Even if I have no morality; but just the plain mortality
And for love's sake, don't call me an animal
I surely am tho', an animal 1,000 kilometers below
But for love's sake, for love's sake.

Yes, I will listen to you
I will sleep with …


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