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Delhi to Akbarpur

With a little help from my friend

It is pleasant to reach our destination in a journey; but it is the journey that matters, in the end. On a trip to attend the marriage ceremony of our dear friend, Ved Prakash, we had a hell of good time, some of them, which were quite memorable. By Kapil Arambam

There are two ways to slide easily through life: to believe everything or to doubt everything; both ways save us from thinking.  But it has been a journey – and I'm quite enjoying it, taking each step cautiously like I've never done before in my life.  In the meantime, Ved Prakash, who works as a sub-editor at Panchjanya monthly journal, has started his second innings – he married Bhumika on Feb 20 (Friday) 2009, and we had a marvelous time attending the ceremony. Excellent foods, delightful moments with friends, and Ved's generous family – all of them blended well to provide us some memories we would cherish forevermore. Eight of us from Delhi went to his hometown in Akbarpur (in…


Image Music linked to teen sex habits
Researchers quizzed young people about sexual activity and music Listening to music with degrading sexual lyrics could prompt teenagers to start having sex at an earlier age, a US study suggests. Researchers from Pittsburgh University quizzed 711 teenagers about their sex lives and music listening habits.
They found those who regularly listened to music with explicit and aggressive sexual phrases were twice as likely to be having sex.
But experts said it was too simplistic to link music directly to behaviour.
The team classed degrading sexual lyrics as songs which described sex as a physical rather than loving act and also where it was linked to power, the American Journal of Preventative Medicine reported.
Parents should be talking to their children about sex and putting these sorts of lyrics in context Dr Brian Primack, lead researcher Researchers refused to name which songs would fall into the degrading category, but cited phrases suc…

...beyond evolution

At 200, Darwin Evolves Beyond EvolutionFrom

Two hundred years after Darwin's birth, the theory of evolution is still evolving — and finding relevance in realms far outside the biological.
Evolution is being scaled up to the level of populations, even whole ecosystems. Moreover, scientists say evolution is intertwined with other dynamics in ways science is just starting to understand.
"The process of evolution is fundamental to the universe," said Carl Woese, a University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign microbiologist and one of the first proponents of this newly revised evolutionary framework. "Biology is the most obvious manifestation of it."
Darwin described how changes in an organism are passed from generation to generation depending on their contribution to survival. Biologists later combined this with genetics, which hadn't been discovered in Darwin's time. 
The fusion — called neo-Darwinian evolution — describes evolution as we k…

my view...

God is a noun

Different religions have very different ideas of what 'god' is like; they even disagree about basic issues such as how many gods there are, whether they're male or female, and so on. Even after centuries of effort, nobody has come up with a watertight logical proof of the existence of god. In spite of this, however, people often feel that they can logically prove that god exists.
Unfortunately, reality is not decided by logic. Even if you could rigorously prove that god exists, it wouldn't actually get you very far. It could be that your logical rules do not always preserve truth – that your system of logic is flawed. It could be that your premises are wrong. It could even be that reality is not logically consistent. In the end, the only way to find out what is really going on is to observe it. Logic can merely give you an idea where or how to look; and most logical arguments about god don't even perform that task.
Logic is a useful tool for analyzing da…

Culture vulture

Underwear protest at India attack
The group has already attracted more than 5,000 members
Indians outraged at an attack on women for drinking in a bar have gathered together to send a provocative gift of underwear to right-wing activists. More than 5,000 people, including men, have joined the Facebook group, which calls itself the Consortium of Pub-going, Loose and Forward Women.
The group says it will give the pink underwear to Sri Ram Sena (Army of Lord Ram) on Valentine's Day on Saturday.
It was blamed for the bar attack in the southern city of Mangalore last month.
Pramod Mutalik, who heads the little known Ram Sena and is now on bail after he was held following the attack, has said it is "not acceptable" for women to go to bars in India.
He has also said his men will protest against Valentine's Day on Saturday.
The Consortium of Pub-going, Loose and Forward Women, which was formed on Facebook last Thursday, has also …

Siroy Lily... where art thou???

Siroy siege brings up debate on ceasefire by civil bodies
IMPHAL, Feb 3: The words of Adani Davin Mao, president of the ANSAM, that "If there is no cease fire in Manipur then it is same as Nagas are not there in Manipur" spoken during a protest in Senapati yesterday has been criticised.Indrakumar, president of the ACOAM LUP has said that on behalf of the people, ACOAM LUP he wanted to know the motive behind the words of Adani David Mao. He was speaking at a press meet held today at the lup's office at Sagolband Meino Leirak.He further said that the recent incident at Siroy village and the circumstances surrounding it were suspicious as the government had no knowledge of the NSCN(IM) camp at Siroy and other designated camps of the NSCN(IM) in the districts of Chandel, Ukhrul, Senapati.He also said that the valley and hill people wanted to live in peace and harmony and feared many unwanted issues if the thoughts of living separate were not solved soon.Chandrakumar Khumancha…


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