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Through the Looking Glass

Violence rules the roost in Manipur – the state government as well as the militant organisations are responsible for this deplorable condition. The bloodshed continues unabated and the only thing that has persisted is the hope for a better tomorrow.

Like an individual, every community has its distinctive traits and ways of life. At a glance, observers in the state would say violence, corruption, drugs and cheap lifestyle amongst other things, provide the platforms where the farce is set. These are the parasitic elements of any backward region and are, not surprisingly, rampant in our neighbourhood. The resulting frustration is manifested in our daily life, where the elected government is bent on intimidation while non-state actors are defying them at will. The general public are sandwiched between the two, and are disoriented lot between the devil and the deep sea.

A confused identity and a sense of belonging nowhere are the building blocks of this absurd plot in the valley. But there …


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