Flight of Fancy

 I have a dream

The best thing about dreams is that fleeting moment, when you are between asleep and awake, when you don't know the difference between reality and fantasy, when for just that one moment you feel with your entire soul that the dream is reality, and it really happened.

First thing first. For starters, I see myself earning circa two lac [Indian money will do!] a month, though without any income-tax hassles. The cash is flowing smoothly, and I have a substantial saving that nets a crore plus a couple of lacs invested in mutual funds.

I have earned, saved and invested, allowing me to buy a delightful home. It is set in one of the prime locations in a cosmopolitan city. My property is designed by leading architects and interior designers, and comprises several state of the art fittings. It has a stylish and generous living area with a lot of period features in a contemporary setting. I'd definitely love to kill my time in the large study room, furnished with a flexible library. The double aspect interiors are well complemented by a landscaped garden, where I could throw occasional parties and entertain guests.

With the money that I have earned by dint of my sweat, I've been able to drive a jet black Bentley. I've also kept a spare Skoda Octavia in my garage. The Blackberry might be beeping inside my tuxedo pocket, with a mail from an important client, but which I'd not be checking until I reach my office, situated a half-an-hour drive from my home. Besides, I'm more handy with the latest Nokia cell for personal use.

You might want to know where I am working to earn such a dough. I own a multi-national publishing firm, where I work as a Managing Director. We deals in books, journals and magazines, many of them with a global presence. Our clients range from Foster's Australian to the lean, slit-eye Malaysian, and from vodka-loving Russians to the arrogant Englishmen. All of them have one thing in common - their incorrigible belief in our high-quality products. No wonder, my employees takes pride in working in such an organisation.

I work 5-days a week from 10o'clock till 6 in the evening. It caters to pursue my hobbies very well. I have a Fender Stratocaster guitar with a 501Processor connected to a sophisticated Marshal stranger. There is also a plenty of scope to kill time in my well-stocked library. I have collected books and journals, which can eaten, chewed or digested. On the other hand, weekends are exclusively separated for festivities. The fitted wine cellar would undoutedly be everyone's favourite refuge.

I'd unfailingly store vintage wine, imported whisky and a truck of beer in there.

I believe life is celebration. I would work hard, so hard people would take me as their role model. But that does not mean I'd sacrifice my leisure activities. And not surprisingly, I'd take my time off for holidaying once a year to exotic locations across the globe. I have several places to go – Switzerland, France, Italy, Spain, Egypt, Greece, Russia, New Zealand, Venezeula; and nearer home Sikkim, Meghalaya, Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh – oh my my... the list goes on. I would love to visit remote areas in Manipur too.

On priority, I have also build a gym, with the latest gadgets, in one corner of the house. I would work out an hourdaily. Health is wealth, and it is a must as I plan to hit a century - bringing more essence to my living. The balanced diet and the spiritual lessons that I took would, no doubt, accentuate my lifestyle. The easy life would be a source of vital energy, adding more to the meaning of my existence.    

All's well till now. But no man is an island. I love meeting people, though I have what people call a reserved personality. My mood depends whether I enjoy solitude or in company. One way or the other, I dream I have a healthy relationship with my fellow mates – family, friends or whosoever. In life, it is a delicate entity, which we need to take care and nurture gently. I have supportive friends, who are my critic, well-wisher, guide and most importantly, my good company. I'd love hanging out with them, share things that we love and hold debate about our ideologies.

Personally, I don't like routine things. I'll write novels based on conflict, insurgency and softer themes such as human relationship, dilemmas and ironies. I'll travel around the world. I'll learn more about my hobbies and passion – music, web technology, photography et al. These pursuits will, I believe, get me rid of the tedious, routine lifestyle.

Several meanings are bound to define our existence. Every thing that I have mentioned here suffices to add more essence. However, man is not a complete being in this vast universe. All of us are a means to explain the ends of our human life.

I'd be glad if I could take more lessons in spiritualism; if not, the material gains are mere mortal's pleasure. We are not living for the sake of living. The sacred study of our life will definitely bring more shades of meaning to all of our action.

There is a reverie, which has been occuring now and then. I dream about being a powerful opinion leader – to steer the direction of our Manipuri civilization. I like to contribute worthy, pragmatic solution to find a way out of the current hotch-potch. But they say thought without action is not a thought, but a dream. The only way to realise them is to wake up. 

And you know I'm an early riser.



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