Dreams and nightmares

If only Utopia was possible
How the air would be so blissful
If only this unreal real was unreal
And if only the dreams were real
And I would not want to be the birds
And I would not search in the words
And good it will be to paint the world with sables of truth
And no more will be the uncouthness of the youth
And no more will there be rejection
And no more will there be dejection

But now when I walk through the street
I see the only route of the offbeat
For the familiar roads, they are smeared with blood
The people and equally, the things grunted
We are forgotten, but nay forsaken
The armies and cops would remind us often.

I saw my dreams and nightmares
As I wish now, as my heart shares
Let these days be only in my sleep
Out from the slumber, let peace and justice seep.

Say peace



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