Blockade Blues: the 100th Day

From going bad to worse, now it is going to spiral out of control. The facts are scattered everywhere, 100 days of blockade and thousands of untold stories. The news is all about hitting the century, as if this is an achievement for the Meiteis; and it will be unsurprising if the Nagas cry they can never get the people pay attention to their grievances even after holding the whole state to ransom. Something is visibly missing in the case. Actually, the Kukis have given up their protests after some assurance from the government. 

The world has moved forward too far and we are lagging behind, shamelessly clinging to pre-medieval thoughts and aspirations. Our problem is that we are in a shared nightmare of land and territory and possession. Our only solution is the dream for a better tomorrow, while getting rid of extreme narrow-mindedness.

And the government... do they exist? If there is any, they should better kill themselves. In Delhi or Imphal. Stab yourself and die, you be dead. 

Economic blockade hits century; angered public comes out to street
The Imphal Free Press
IMPHAL, November 8: Perturbed with scarcity of essential commodities and escalating prices the general public have started to come out to the streets as the economic blockade imposed on the national highways of the state entered its 100th day.

Manipur blockade enters 100th day
The Sangai Express
IMPHAL, Nov 8: The economic blockade of Manipur entered 100 days on Monday, with no sign of respite for its long suffering people. While the Kuki tribals withdrew their agitation from November 1, the Nagas remain unrelenting and continue to block the state’s lifelines, the Imphal-Dimapur and Imphal-Silchar highways.

Other epitaphs
New Delhi's silence and Manipur government's nonchalance

Manipur's agony spilled into the hundredth day, with petrol selling
at Rs 200 a litre and LPG at Rs 2000 a cylinder in the black market. NDTV

Manipur has completed 100 days of economic blockade and there is still 
no breakthrough in sight. IBN Live

The indefinite economic blockade in Manipur entered its 100th day on 
Tuesday with no signs that the government was making an effort to break 
the deadlock and an equally insensitive leadership enforcing the strike and 
holding the common people to ransom. Economic Times


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