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Can you believe an entire book can be written on a theme like a beard? A book with 500+ pages on nothing but just beard! That would spell I-N-S-A-N-I-T-Y to many of us, but that is our reality. That is commendable on one hand for that kind of concentration, but there is a downside that is so overwhelming.

We started with the cycle of creation, consumption and going by the direction of the wind, we might end with the cycle of creation, consumption. The end would not be another fraudulent Mayan calendar illusion but largely relying on our stupidity in a proportion of Andromeda. The wisest folks amongst us hardly know a fraction of why we are here, hanging listlessly on the Pale Blue Dot. Leaders across the world would even tell their bloody army to capture and control, as if they have nothing better to do in life. Go, grow a beard. Alternatively, we can read the book of beards, basking in the spring sun.     

More people that are positive would argue that the rise of the likes of book of beard is because of specialisation in several areas of human progress. Go to any school or college, we can find 99 per cent of the students have an aim — a mundane aim of getting a good job with a pretty package, which would be as well a family pride, provided we do get it. Countless mothers and fathers would covet it that is a given. They would want only the best job for their products that are labeled as sons and daughters in familiar space. If job is the end of education, the means are meaningless. I regret I wasted more than two decades just to get a job. I did not learn anything but…I don’t know.

I am also a part of this system. This is best illustrated in me using this medium to express, or precisely, the blog where netizens have found the ideal way to express in specialized themes and to carve niche markets. A blog is important, even when you are selling anything from a house to a box of nails.  

At the end of the day, nothing counts but what we do for making a living. Making a living is totally different from living. Wisdom is like a luxury, so are the essence of knowledge and awareness. We just have to know what looks best on us, what is most delicious to our taste buds and how we can die for a job. Tragedy, what have you done?! Why do you rhyme with commodity? The joke is in our body resembling some sack of commodities.

No wonder then, we have a single-themed books on beards and screws and bottle caps and what not. Academics are a piece of rotten dungs. Thankfully, this piece is just a visual communication, overloaded with jibberjabberjunks of typography. Now, imagine capitalism has been replaced with some form of voluntary association between men and women of different races and groups. Or, possibly a system that follows your political leaning. What do you think of specialisation in the present professional world? In the same breath, how do you visualise the condition of our living in that fantasy world?

This is an edited version of the same poster that I had posted last year.
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  1. interesting read...
    loved the title.. it got my attention instantly..
    a mundane aim of getting a good job with a pretty package.. agree with that.
    If only it was enough to satiate our desires..

    1. I'm surprised I got something out of boredom and confusion here ;)


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