For the Expert Committee

The Expert Committee (An edited image from Public Domain Pictures)

They talk so hard the stones cry
Like the words are space-shipped from Jupiter
Like the phrases are rocketed from Neptune
And I belong to one shitty corner of the Earth
And so foolishly I get nothing
Tho' they do say and they do talk
Like the world will become a paradise
In 200 minutes just when they stop talking
Oh, I don't get it
They say it is the way how it is

It is the way how we define articulation
It is the way how we will find the ultimate solution
It is the way of a civilised civilisation
Spins and more twists and more convolution
They say it is the constitution
They say it is the revolution
Hijacked words and phrases from Jupiter and Saturn
Oh, I need to go to the toilet
This desperate break!



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