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Moustache Muse

Can you believe an entire book can be written on a theme like a beard? A book with 500+ pages on nothing but just beard! That would spell I-N-S-A-N-I-T-Y to many of us, but that is our reality. That is commendable on one hand for that kind of concentration, but there is a downside that is so overwhelming.

We started with the cycle of creation, consumption and going by the direction of the wind, we might end with the cycle of creation, consumption. The end would not be another fraudulent Mayan calendar illusion but largely relying on our stupidity in a proportion of Andromeda. The wisest folks amongst us hardly know a fraction of why we are here, hanging listlessly on the Pale Blue Dot. Leaders across the world would even tell their bloody army to capture and control, as if they have nothing better to do in life. Go, grow a beard. Alternatively, we can read the book of beards, basking in the spring sun.     

More people that are positive would argue that the rise of the likes of book…

Atheism Is Justified, Religion Right Aligned

Dear Believer,

I'll tell you what you did with Atheists for about 1,500 years.

You outlawed them from the universities, or any teaching careers, besmirched their reputations, banned or burned their books or their writings of any kind, drove them into exile, humiliated them, seized their properties, arrested them for blasphemy. You dehumanized them with beatings and exquisite torture, gouged out their eyes, slit their tongues, stretched, crushed, or broke their limbs, tore off their breasts if they were a woman, crushed their scrotum if they were men, imprisoned them, stabbed them, disemboweled them, hung them, burnt them alive.

And you have the nerve enough to complain to me that I laugh at you.

Best Regards, Dr Madalyn Murray O'Hair.

Atheism is a by-product of religion, one spiritual writer of a leading daily asserts, while criticizing  non-believer’s thought processes. Do not play god for god’s sake.
A spiritual writer, on a mainstream newspaper, could have written it no be…

Somewhere, Right This Very Moment

Somewhere, right this very moment
The sun should die and rise again
With thousand of new ways to set and rise,
As the world leaves thousands of old ways of living;
Somewhere, right this very moment
The sun is setting,
It would not rise, until
The night leaves with all its anti-light dreams;

And somewhere, right this very moment,
Someone is dreaming about changing the world,
While he forgets he needs, first, to change his soiled underwear.

Control (A translation)

This piece is a translation of Thangjam Ibopishak’s poem Khoodoom Chanba. It was featured in the collection Shrimati Tomcha Babu, published by the Writers’ Forum Imphal in 2007. I had also rendered a similar nonsense poem Eigi Marup Mr Bush, from the same book, as My Buddy, Mr Bush in this blog. The last post was also from this favourite poet.

Khoodoom Chanba connotes putting something under control. A fantastic movie, Change, on Joy Division’s vocalist Ian Curtis (starring Sam Riley), tempted me to use this title.

For all the politicians and ministers and MLAs
For all the countless criticism in my writing
For all of them—I have started feeling afraid;
For something to scribble I have chosen,
Now I would rather write
About the dogs and the cats
About the the donkeys and the cows,
I would write odes for them.
The politicians nev’r bark at me,
The commissioner and the secretary and the director
They never scratch at me, my skin,
Bite me;
What should I worry about them?
Never I know …

‘I Want to be Killed by an Indian Bullet’

If ever Manipur showed some sign of improving sociopolitical awareness, it was mostly during the Sixties and Seventies. Indeed, one of the principles that guided the growth of organisations harping for the right to self-determination was the utter lack of political consciousness.
A PEEK INTO THE PAST     A cursory glance shows that the western concept of nation-states was quite alien, as was the evident from the highly antiquated economic structure of those years. The insufficiency remains the same to this day. However, reality dictates that it is not possible to get struck in a time warp. It was simply impossible to persist in self-acclaimed self sufficiency, which marks the better part of our historical narrative.
Even if we have been making evolutionary footprints in certain areas of sports and performing arts, social growth always demand only the best from the natives, all the time. 
On one hand, globalisation started showing its ugly face with colonialism. The deteriorating cond…

Home Is Where the Guitar Is

We have always liked to believe that home is where the heart is. Gill Scott-Heron would most likely agree to disagree, with his melodious rendition replacing the ‘heart’ with ‘hatred’ – with the verse laced with fine illusion and delusion of heroin. Take some PG-rated-materials out and replace it with a ‘guitar’ again. What better way to keep up with GC-H’s tempo, with an instrument that he would love to flaunt along with his awe-inspiring lyrics! Indeed, home is where the guitar is.

I have been changing my places of stay. My real home keeps calling me though I have traveled one million miles away from there. Everything is different from those days when I bought my first guitar, from an old local junkie, when I was 14.

B–– sold me the Reynold’s acoustic at 250 bucks then; by a rough estimate, he must have got nearly six–seven shots from the deal. He was a real crazy fellow. Once he had snitched rice – rinsed and ready to be cooked from his home – just to pay for his costly habit. L…

All in the Family

A family disclosed their businesses and revealed how a bit of their ingenuity and venture change their entire world, and took the entire town by surprise
Business can be as unique as the imagination of an entrepreneur. In a shanty town called Imphal set far from the contemporary world with 21st-century familiarities, yet so close to its glaring views, lives a family; and they deal in trades that are more unique than the monuments and myths of the land.

Sometimes it is confusing whether other people, living in other parts of the world, would even believe the stories of this four-member family, their kinds of enterprises or not. Theirs, are jobs, not really impossible or unheard of, yet a magic lies in their ingenuity to make them so profitably possible.

The two middle-aged couple, both of them are occupied with construction of crematorium; and their children, in their early 20s, are social insurance agents. Yes, nothing unusual was found when it was first heard through the grapevine ab…

The Great Gig in the Sky 3.0

In March the cloud flies,
Taking flight, colourful wings;
Our black and white lives.

Summer hides and peeps With all the heat up his ass, Fans and coolers weep.

In the sky they fly The white ibises they soar, Redefining peace.

Unfamiliar Familiarities: The Holywood Effect

Tradition and culture affect our thinking to a large extent. Exposure to different cultures can produce a feeling of unfamiliar familiarities, as is evident from watching the Holywood movies.
If you grew up during the 90s, you might have watched the countless Holywood movies in which the United States was always the saviour — it always acts like the general manager of the universe. Superpower, my ass! Remember the Arnolds, Stallones, Harrison Fords, Bruce Willises and the monstrous Steven Seagals, the one-man army who can defeat an entire nation. I presume, when the 2000s started, it was Michael Moore's Fahrenheit 9/11 that heralds a new wave of American movies that show and interpret, as much as they were the heroes, they were equally fit for the role of villains. No matter what, though, we cannot deny the huge impact this film industry have on the entire world.
This is just a tiny grab of the big picture that we have in hand right now. Whether they are the general manager or…

The Secrets of Symmetry

★★★ This is the 500th post of this blog... and is still counting ★★★ Discover the glaring shapes and patterns that mark the visual perception, in our daily life
Look around your room and see the symmetry in some corners or elsewhere. There is some delight in some particular objects within our eyesight. The same is true when we listen to a beautiful song, when we come across a breathtaking landscape. We always notice the regular and orderly perceptual structure first; if not, then in the most cracked and damped objects. There is also a midway but that is grossly found in the tedious things of our everyday lives.

What do you think about symmetry? Some mystery, as in the enigma of natural creation, is quite apparent in the orderly objects and patterns that are in states of equilibrium. The slightest change makes them look out of place; else everything is so easy on our eyes. It is amazing how the concept changes from different perspectives, yet, no angle would disrupt the balance. We c…


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