February Blues

  1   What We See and What We See Not

The sun’s in the south would I see
It’s only been daybreak
And the sparrows are yet to scatter
The morning starts with the unusual

I see the moon turns black
It looks it has been burnt with defeat
In all its cycle what we do is what we would not
And what it would not, is what we do

The peace is tailed to the dove’s ass
Like an endless tail
But now it cannot even fly, no wonder
The tail is cut anytime with no afterthought

The relationship is overwhelming
You and I and us and them
We are like we are ever dreaming
And it is never real

Like the sun rising from the south
Like the black moon charred with impossibilities
Wise men are wrong, we can only imagine
The impossibilities ever prevail.


  2   Auf Wiedersehen

Never will I make the call
It is only you — only you can wave
Your hand
You can only sing the song so long
It’s only true you can take no more
It’s only true in me the emptiness is only apparent
Even if you only live for a century
Make only a day more for me
In unasked expression
I will only hold, no matter what
No matter, the living
No matter, the dying
That’s how I want to leave only the world
And persist only the feelings forever and a day.



The number to see the light is never coming!
Image from Anonymous ART of Revolution
Right to Education Corruption
In other places anywhere in the world, education makes the people. But it breaks us. Education can be compared to anything, but knowledge and wisdom.

•    No action yet against former MIT Principal accused of embezzlement

Manipur Times
29 December 2013:A report of the one-man inquiry committee formed to investigate charges of corruption labeled against former Principal of Manipur Institute of Technology (MIT), Takyelpat has suggested that Dr Th Kullachandra during his tenure as the head of the technological institute is most likely to have embezzled funds amounting to at least Rs 3 crores.

•    VC signs cheques as finance officer

Hueiyen Lanpao, E-pao
16 January 2014: Nine years after its conversion into a Central University, the highest educational institution in the State, Manipur University is today reeling under numerous irregularities in financial and administrative works with the Vice Chancellor allegedly taking advantage of the vacant statutory posts and indulging in discretion.
  • A shot in the leg for corruption?

1 Jan 2005: Less than two months ago, N Bijoy was sharing the platform with the Prime Minister. Today the vice-chancellor of Manipur University is lying in hospital, his left knee cap shot to smithereens by an outlawed outfit which has accused him of favouritism in appointing an employee. RK Ranjan, the registrar of the varsity that was upgraded to a Central University by the pm in November, has suffered a similar fate.

•    Education department of Manipur needs a serious cleaning

The Imphal Free Press, Kangla Online
2 Feb 2011 ...the latest evident event was the recent resignation by a Minister from his portfolio (Education) after being allotted to him for few days. The resignation came after some days the Chairman of the Board of Secondary Education Manipur (BOSEM) was shot inside his own office at highly secure zone (sic). The incident ignited an implication in the mind of the general public. It is informally assumed that the chairman was not killed as an individual but killed for his chair.

•    Manipur: IAS officer ‘surrenders’ to militant outfit

Rediff News
3 September, 2003: The police in Manipur have launched a massive search for a senior IAS officer, who has apparently ‘surrendered’ to a militant outfit following an ultimatum to him to come clean on corruption charges. The proscribed Kanglei Yawol Kanna Lup had issued a diktat to IS Laishram, revenue commissioner, to surrender to the outfit by September 10, and face ‘trial’ for alleged corruption during his tenure as education commissioner.

•    Who is the education minister of Manipur?

Hueiyen Lanpao
1 June 2012: In tandem with the earlier announcement of Education Minister Moirangthem Okendro to bring about a visible change in the existing education system within six months, the website of State Education Department is said to have been upgraded along with opening of a separate e-mail account and post box number through which public can lodged complaints or forward suggestions for the betterment of the department and its functioning.

Breaking news

  • Manipur school principal issues fake admit cards to Class 12 students

The Hindu,
22 March 2014: Parents, students and students’ organisations in Manipur are taken aback that the principal of a higher secondary school in Imphal allowed 86 students to appear in the Class 12 examination conducted by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) using of fake admit cards. It transpires that Jawan Oinam, Principal of Ramkrishna Higher Secondary School in Imphal had issued fake admit cards to these students of his school to mislead them to appear in the said examination.




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