The Kautilyan Statecraft for Combating Insurgency in Northeast India

(A graphic idea from Subir Bhaumik’s* The Northeast: A Thousand Assertive Ethnicities

According to Mr Bhaumik, the government of India utilises ‘the four principles of statecraft propounded by the great Kautilya, the man who helped Chandragupta** build India’s first trans-regional empire just after Alexander’s invasion. These principles have been used in varying mix to control and contain the violent movements in the Northeast.’


* Subir Bhaumik, a senior fellow with the Centre for Studies in International Relations & Development (CSIRD), is a former BBC correspondent and the author of Insurgent Crossfire and Troubled Periphery: Crisis of India’s Northeast.

** Chandragupta (340–297BCE) and India are a contradiction. His empire included only present-day North India excluding the Leh region, Pakistan and the western stretch of Bangladesh. India was created by the Muslims and the British, and finally completed by the nationalists in the mainland when the British left the Indian subcontinent permanently for their cold-storage homeland.



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