2061: A Future Summon

I’d hope to see the day
Despite my lungs’ obsession with smoke
I’d want to put them on a pedestal though
Like justifying they are mimicking
The never-ending funeral pyres in the town
Out of these several inflictions I’d also wish
Today is the good time as any
But a hope has always been in flames
Gladly, even more than a million Zippos in flame
Of a time favourable to happiness and happier people
Of a life apt for calling a life and livelier milieu
Of so many things
So many things that now
The beginning is unknown of
Still — of so many things that we know
We know: it is of things like peace
Or more like love, and more happiness

But away from the dreams, in real
Only questions, aplenty, are packed like ngâri
Like, whether the army should be still protecting democracy
Like, whether my life, uprooted, should still be swaying like a lily
It would be suicidal in the bleakness of the present
To see only the destroyers
To go by the currently ticking clocks
Life is the future.



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