Ascii-tic Christmas Wishes

Every year Christmas reminds me of rum cakes, big chunks of pork, good and hard country liquor, old men coming down from the chilly Manipur hills to the Imphal valley for an overcoat or two and those bonfires, carols, catching up with cousins who are home for a vacation and and too many other happy moments though I do not belong to the segregated group of people called Christians.

If I have to put it down abruptly, it is ironical because I belong to a region where two foreign religions have taken roots at the cost of the natives’ identity and sense of belongingness. We like to treat each others from the perspectives of this newfound glory of god albeit there are so many underlying narratives. Religion, in fact, is too political. But as a believer, who believe in the non-existence of god, I got some of the season’s best wishes and curses!

Here’s a collection:



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