Out on the Town

To be home at least once a year has been a luxury ever since I decided to leave my hometown in the hope of connecting reasonable dots as much as I can, in this puzzle of nothingness called life. I count this year’s has been one of the most memorable, particularly from the personal front—personal because otherwise, living is more complicated than the very puzzle of existence. Without further going meaninglessly into the experience I have some amateurish photographs here.

Symbols are essential for people; the more we have the better it seems to be, because human beings are fucking afraid to be alone and need to be in groups identified by entities like shared identities and political aspirations

A shot from the final match of the 60th CC Meet Football Tournament; NEROCA, Imphal defeated Assam Regimental Centre, Shillong to lift the title

An alternative way of saying enough is enough: A shot from the corner of a commercial complex in Thangmeiband

 Briefly, life in the valley

A nice typographic pattern on a Meitei phi created by popular designer Robert Naorem, who was kind enough to allow me to take a snap

 There have been only two Manipuri book covers that I genuinely like; this book in Bengali script is the second one; the other is Thangjam Ibopishak’s Bhoot Amasoong Maikhoom

 The sky was burning on the New Year’s Day, 1 Jan 2017



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