on reopening a school autograph book


        —far away from home
        an evening typically summer-ish
        a colourful notebook yet a bit puerile 
        a dusty suitcase, witness to changing times

you dreamt you will be a leader
now you see in them a murderer

and all affirmative because things have changed
then I’d want to be a Superman
now I only wish to be a man, albeit with no capes
but—with hopes galore—achievements sealed in tapes

right here peace has gone with innocence
love has gone with forgotten memories

the favourite rock & roll bands have been footnoted
the favourite films, replaced unplanned
now my dream is to sing the songs of calmness lifelong,
my hobbies and dishes are all non-essential

old photos are only images nostalgia
like the home it used to be
now the path is lost with the past
heron is wrong; home is where amnesia is


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