Wise men have said so many things
So many right things from so many things wrong
Yet as in their mortality, for instance, that is, for certain
A billion of them are not even enough
A billion more of their wise sayings as well
For all the wrongs that are a double or triple or more of their strength
In their stead is the similitude
It’s as certain as death to take one horrible example
—No resistance but like resistance
No revolution but like revolution
But what’s something is like is not what it is
It is like just something but that’s not ‘it’
Simply it’s not what it is
It could have been just another randomness
An indistinct, general thing
However this world is bombed
With so many things alike
It’s even worse than those Made-in-China stereotypes
So many lives are dependent on the real
Yet the things alike,
Things that are not real but that look real
Those have taken the place like a bad joke
Even so, tragedy would not look like irony
That would have been fine but it’s not
It’s no legerdemain of an illusionist and never it is
Like it is part of the deal that comes with our existence.

- Concluded

A note on corruption 

With a view to check corruption and graft practices in the State, a Cabinet meeting held today decided to transform the State Vigilance Commission into an Anti-Corruption Police Station. Chief Minister N Biren chaired the Cabinet meeting held in the conference hall of the CM’s Secretariat. (Source: The Sangai Express, 4 Jan 2018)

So it seems the Government is intending to do some shits about rottenness that has eaten into the soul of Manipur. The news has brought to light that previously the State cannot investigate into the case of individuals amassing wealth disproportionate to their known source of income. It could do only for Government employees. It’s funny when we say it aloud albeit it is claimed that things are going to change on the ground. Then we have the issue of judges and executioners. Well, intentions howsoever good are never enough—and some people would say it only adds fuel to the inferno while referring to the adage that the road to hell is paved with good intentions. The word on the Imphal street is that the people who gave a shitload of money for a Government job, here the police job, are going to be in the anti-corruption department. All along in the absurd theatre called Manipur, a huge power vacuum exists that are invaded by all sorts of players. Those who are supposed to catch the thieves are robbing the public exchequer and those who are supposed to put the criminals behind the bars are busy breaking all the kinds of laws. In this context, how is the Anti-Corruption Police Station going to dress up for the jamboree? Recently a retired high official of the State Police Department, who is believed to be fair and incorrupt, maintained that the show will be just another old wine in a new bottle unless the Government shows us around its clean house with some credible examples and proves that its intention is good enough to be considered worthy.   



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