Failure What It Looks Like

Itchy-ish shadows in a long abandoned warehouse
It is spread over unknown, abysmally;
And as in the infinity of the Universe, at times
Failure prevails all over, right all over there
In degradation, in desolation, unseen in the darkness.

Leave the finite and infinity amongst the bright scientists
Them, deemed as utter failure, would be down with sinusitis
If you would take them to such a warehouse for a moment.
This is what failure looks like on a sunny day
Or be it on another day, lively or icy,
Unseen as a shadow; and unaware as our existence.

Yet, ironically, it pops out so clearly
Like when your girlfriend, screams at you, you must go fuck yourself
Right in your face
Like it is doable — ah! forsaken thy name is failure;
And you’d feel you should do it for it’s so clear.

For it’s so clearly said — again right in your face
For all it’s all failure and you can hardly do anything
But compare it with bloody shadows and infinity
As if it makes things clearer
As if this is what we live for.
However, what counts is not what it looks like or how it is

But success... success as evident from a well-stocked warehouse
Success as statistically shows, yet on non-capitalist terms
Success, as you walk facing the sun cheerfully
Success, as your skin glows even on dreary windy winter days
Success, as living a life should be.



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