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Keyword (Cure for Lawlessness)

Everywhere it is flashed that lawlessness is increasing – making me even harder to find a link to the key word that I have typed in my keyboard. The headlines are too obvious. Consider these headlines and standfirsts: The Politics of Lawlessness in Brazil, Pakistan: The Political Economy of Lawlessness, Bihar : A Museum of Lawlessness and Casteism, Possession is nine-tenths of lawlessness, and Impunity and Lawlessness - the Cancer of Chad amongst others. Does it mean we have no way out of this bloody cocoon of human life anywhere, ever infested with fears, doubts and hatred?

The infirmity, which made me confused, has demeaned the mortal soul. Though, it is capable to work out every solution from transcending the stars and the universe to the complicated nanotechnologies, the human mind has utterly failed in recreating itself for healthy progress. We have hit the seemingly endless road a long time ago since we came out of the caves. Or you could say, it's been an incredibly long ride since the Creator of each religion had designed men and women for self-replication in this abode between heaven and hell. However, nothing has changed – paradoxically, it may be that there is nothing permanent except change – nothing in human mind has changed regarding his emotion.

We kill people for religion, for territory, for power and what not. Ultimately, the realisation that I'm not the General Manager of the Universe made me conscious of the futility. There is no destination, rather all of us are mere journeymen who have hitched a ride on some heavenly bodies – planet, star, satellite or whatever.

The scope of human comprehension is too limited to understand the Grand Design like a dust particle on a vast desert. In this thought, I surrender my keyword to the unknown infinity of the universe. However, the thought will linger on and I hope there are more earthly solutions to the twisting problems of violence. For starters, I have to got a profound knowledge of law to understand the karmic state of the world.



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