The week kick-off

Green all along
In a surprising manner, I was greeted by plenty of green shades when I came out for work this morning. The varied shades of greens – pine green, asparagus, yellow green, olive drab and viridian amongst other – were too incredible because there were one too many varieties in a fresh symphony. It was absolutely enthralling! The sporadic drizzles for the last two nights had washed away the dirt and smudge from the blades of each leaves. Quite fortunately, we are residing in a flat with a lot of foliage views from the small balcony on the rear side. It was particularly significant in a city like Delhi to enjoy such a luxury, unless of course you are a millionaire. However, the excitement faded away gradually as I jumped onto the cab. While I tried to keep my mind occupied flipping onto the bookmarked page of Shantaram by Gregory David Roberts and reached office. So I started a hopeful week ahead losing myself in a real, dreamy world. But I was stoned.



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