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The Working of a Mechanical Being

It was in a management tutorial, I remember that I read about the CAT-aspirants, saying they don't want a typical 9-to-5 job. It was for their dislike in such tedious job that they want to pursue courses in IIMs and other A-graded, B-schools. But somehow, there are plenty of jobs, including those in management, which are quite monotonous. It's time we put some fun into our job.

Every day, we are programmed to create error-free products by following several pre-planned processes. It was exciting in the beginning but repitition, and the same kind of job day in and day out, have mechanised our thought process. It will be plain generalisation if we simply state the facts or how we do our job.

We can search for means that would allow us to regain interest in anything we do. Do a similar work in different style -- strive to be creative while grounded on the floor, but don't go overboard. It is like writing a news story in different headlines and from different angles.

On one hand, it may be mandatory to focus on a story from a single angle only, though there are several ways to word our thought out. However, in other cases, we might be doing the same thing over and again as we do in writing for the LTP Publications on templates. With certain style to follow, and the kind of product we are treating, we become but unable to chart new territories in creative writing.

From business point of view, the corporate caliphs might want us to follow their regimen, longing to churn out quality products from our inputs. If I find the job not interesting they could fire me and hire someone -- simple as that!

Simple planning is another step to get ourselves rid of those boring moments in front of large-screen workstations. For instance, we might spend endless hours, surfing the internet and getting information overloaded. Ultimately it is only a machine to follow our instructions. So plan accordingly to become a simple master.        �




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