Welcome to the engine

The heck out of a machine

Tonight I can see heaven, with nothing to hide the views, so amazingly
After all these moments when the sky was clouded with dull colours only
The distinct show, shows me the tedious life so distinctly.

I long for a life that is filled with stars
To stand out from the crowd, to have an identity and to excel
For these things accentuates the purpose of existence
Add more meaning to this life, shackled by routine things.

I can see the views so clear, yet the road seems so far
The ways are under a magnification glass of a mechanised life
It pains me to spend the days in recluse
For I'm alone in the crowd - no mundane thing can uplift me.

Yet I could hear the sound from inside my body
It is screaming - I feel the intensity
It is ironic how the cry of the distant place, seems so real.�



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